how is it february right now?

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Hey dA, long time no check my messages! ^^;
So anybody gets any several month old messages from me um ...sorry for the late replies.
Haven't been drawing too much lately but I've got some old stuff to post, I'm going to try for once a week, and few newer things too. Including... some Transformers stuff! Great metal moons of Cybertron! that's been a while.
Anyway I wanted to post this up to say, yes, I am back...again. And I'm closing commissions, also again. Anybody waiting on anything from me expect something within the week.
that's it for now, I've got quite a message center backlog to clean out >_>

As to what I'm working on now
(I'll update this section every time I add/work on a project though I won't mark the journal as updated)


Valong commissions: 1 character inked, others 50% sketched canceled.  new commission: 90% inked
iceprincess7d commission: 100% done!  Awaiting posting

~new combo game: done! and awaiting posting
~new male dress-up game: 147/215 items done
~new fantasy dress-up game: 148/270 items done
~Song of Ice and Fire character interpretations: zombie Catelyn *cough* Lady Stoneheart: done!, Oberyn Martell: done! and awaiting posting, Gerris Drinkwater: 5% sketched. to do: Jon Snow, Cersei, Beric Dondarrion, Euron Greyjoy
~Gundam 00 fanart: Hallelujah: done! , Allelujah: done! , Lockon: done! , Setsuna: done!, Tieria: 0% done
~Batman fanart: done!
~Marvel fanart: done!
~Transformers fanart: Humanized Starscream redo: done!, Humanized Megatron redo: 90% inked, G1 Starscream poster 40% inked
~MOTU fanart: skeletor lines done!, 10% colored, tri-klops done!
~Original stuff: done! done! 2 more characters awaiting eventual posting

No. Never. Please don't ask.

Art Trades?
Inaevyn trade: I haven't forgotten! still 0% done though ^^;

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I like your style! I'm always glad to see your latest work.
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Hi ! Sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to know if I still can expect the commission "humanized Starscream/Thundercracker/Thunderblast"...or rather not.

I mean, unexpected events can always happen (to much work, ill, etc...)...I just would be very happy for a "sign of life". ;)

Hope, I wasn´t to rude with my inquiry. That wasn´t my intention. :)
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Haha, welcome back! I expect you'll once again be away and busy by the time I post this, but just to let you know... about that art trade...

...I decided to scrap what I had done and am now in the same spot as you- 0% completion. Ugh, it's just that by the time I was nearly 70% done with Ahlan, I looked at the picture and felt it wasn't enough. I failed to translate your boy in super awesome ways, so I'm starting over with a better pose to begin with.

The GOOD NEWS is--- since I've removed the Sims from my computer, I'll be so much more focused on drawing instead of being distracted by that game. I figure I should have Ahlan done by April-ish... maybe? Anyhow, take your time as I'm taking mine. :P
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^^; I've been disappearing a lot lately, sorry!
every time I think we'll have a lull at work we get another project that needs to be done super quick. it makes it tough to come home and then draw some more >_< lol
but i will get around to your picture eventually, I'm looking forward to it.
sorry ahlan is giving you troubles lol, let me know if you need any other character refs or anything that would help
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No need to be sorry, that's how life rolls. We could all use more free time to do what we want, but it doesn't always work out that way. :P Still, we'll get around to the kids. As for your boy, I'm the problem, not him. He's a great looking character so I ought to do him justice is all. It's all good~
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"how is it February right now?"

that just about sums up my entire existence.
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:XD: where does the time go?
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in games it seems.
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Thanks for the update. :)
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