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:salute: Greetings dA.

I got enough of a positive response that I've decided that I will in fact re-open commissions.  Commission pricing varies by style so here is the new guide.  Just let me know if you're interested!

Commission types

Detailed Inks - $50 full body, $25 waist up
Examples: Theon Greyjoy by Ammotu Magneto lines by Ammotu
Detailed single character image, digitally inked, minimal or no background.

Cell-Shade colors - $75 full body, $50 waist up
Examples:  Max by Ammotu Dragonlingdar commission Lady Dreamer by Ammotu Shepard by Ammotu
Detailed single character image, digitally drawn, minimal background, flat inks with digital 'cell-shaded' style colors.

(If you are interested in something not listed here, just send me a note/e-mail to discuss it)

It is not absolutely necessary to send me references, however if you are commissioning an original character or fan-character I would highly prefer if you did. The more I have to go off of the better!  
A detailed physical description of a character can work too.
Unless you specify otherwise, I usually work at 11x14 or 11x17 300 dpi. If you prefer a different size, please let me know.

I take PayPal. If you prefer something else, you must discuss it with me first.  All denominations are in U.S. dollar amounts.  Please be considerate, and pay the PayPal fees!

For the time being I am offering only digital work for commissions.  This means I will send you a full-size digital file upon receiving payment after the commission is completed.  But I will not be shipping out prints unless it is separately discussed.

As far as what I will and will not draw, I'd like to try and keep all subject matter pg-13 rated at the most.  Some blood or gore I'm open to, but not nudity.   I will not draw anything explicit.

Leave me a comment, send me a note (notes preferred please!), or drop me an e-mail ( if you have additional questions, or if you're interested in a commission. Thanks!

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How much for a five character spread similar to your Inhumans layout?

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Sorry for the confusion here! I actually haven't been doing commissions for about five or six years now. This was an old journal that I should probably remove.

The old site layout used to display journals with updated information prominently and now it's all hidden.

Really sorry about that!

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Thanks for the reply. Check out what we're trying to do, you might reconsider. If not, we will still keep an eye out for you and other great talents.

dragonlingdar's avatar much would you charge to add a second character?
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For the headshots would you take detailed descriptions?
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lol yes, that applies to everything :)
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what about male/female wolf furry theme?
not a request just a thought
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okay like I said just a thought
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Ooh! I'll save up some $$$! :D
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I am writing a story called The Diego Diaries and would like a commissioned portrait of Ratchet and Ironhide's sparkling. I don't know how to get in touch with you about this but you are the only artist on planet Earth or any place else that can do that little doodle justice.
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Well just send the me the details of what you want done and how and I can start right up. You can either send me a note here on deviantArt or e-mail me at
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O_O I thought you don't do requests
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I absolutely don't. Commissions are paid work.
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Hi. I sent you an email with two clips from the story that describe the sparkling. My cursor hopped and put one at the start of my email. It sort of makes me look stoopid. :D

I just wanted you to know you can skip the first paragraph because its out of order.


Cathy, who needs a nap
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OOps. I forgot to give you my biz addie that I check every day.

Thanks, hon. -AutobotProwl aka arctapus
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In two weeks I shall have a large commission for you again. I just have to get moved and get started in the new job.
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:) Awesome. I'll look forward to working with you again.
Good luck with your move!
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Can I send you my request via :note:
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:nod: absolutely!
I actually prefer it. :)
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