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Greetings dA! :salute:

Going for weekly art postings

Here's what I'm working on:
(I'll update this every time I add/work on a project though I won't mark the journal as updated)

~Flash fanart:
  New 52 Rogues: done! 
  Arrow-verse Captain Cold: done!
  flash vs just about all of the rogues: done!
  captain boomerang: done!
  weather wizard: done!
  golden glider: done!
  heatwave: done!
  the trickster: done!
  pied piper: done!
  mirror master: done!
  the top: 0% done
  captain cold: 0% done
  reverse flash: 0% done
~Poison Ivy: done!
~Blue Beetle: done!
~Killer Moth: done!
~The Batman Firefly: done!
~Hellblazer: done!
~Black Manta: done!
~ The Spectre: done!
~JSA fanart: done! flash: done! GL: done! Hawkman: done! Dr Fate: done!, Hourman: done! Sandman: done!
~parallax fanart: done!
~dr fate: done!
~Crisis fanart: done!
~Voltron fanart: 1/5 done
~Sengoku Basara fanart: done!
~Samurai Warriors fanart: 40% inked
~Penny Dreadful fanart: done!
~TRON fanart: done!
~Original concepts: several done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! & many more awaiting posting!  many many more being worked on
~MtG fanart: done!
~Mortal Kombat fanart: Kitana: done! Scorpion: done!, Sub-Zero: done!
~Super Hero fanart project:
A- is for Aquaman
B- is for Booster Gold
C- is for Catwoman
D - is for Deathstroke
E - is for Enchantress
F - is for the Flash
G - is for Green Lantern
H - is for Harley Quinn
I - is for Ice
J - is for the Joker
K - is for Kilowog
L - is for Lex Luthor
M - is for Martian Manhunter
N - is for Nightwing
O - is for Oracle
P - is for Powergirl
Q - is for the Question
R - is for Raven
S - is for Star Sapphire
T - is for Terra,
U - is for Ultra-Humanite
V - is for Vixen
W - is for Wonder Woman
X - is for Madame Xanadu
Y - is for Yolanda Montez
Z - is for Zatanna
~new male dress-up game: 169/215 items done
~new fantasy dress-up game: 148/270 items done

No. Never. Please don't ask.

Art Trades?


Ammotu away!
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Keep it up man. You are amazing. Big fan of your flash games.
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thanks very much! :D