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Greetings dA! :salute:

As of last week, I have officially been on this site for eleven years.  It seems like a week late ^^; to introduce some new goals for the year!
I feel like I've lost a lot of the friends/+watchers here who I used to talk to.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that's got a lot to do with my own inactivity. So this year I'd like to change that.
What this means for you:
~More art!  Last year, my goal was to post new art once a month.  Which I did, but that's still not a lot.  So this year I'm going for, the probably overly ambitious, once a week.  Which will probably devolve into every other once I blow through my stash of unposted art   I've got a bunch of projects planned/in progress that hopefully this will motivate me to finish

~More activity!  No more responding to comments en masse whenever I happen to post something new.  Commenting on art when it's new, rather than months later lol!

~More journals!  I mean hasn't this been great?  so... informative okay maybe not more journals

~More ...oh you get the idea.  Ammotu will be around here, until you all get sick of me :mwahaha:

As for what I'm working on:
(I'll update this every time I add/work on a project though I won't mark the journal as updated)

~new male dress-up game: 169/215 items done
~new fantasy dress-up game: 148/270 items done
~ASOIAF character interpretations: Oberyn Martell: inked! colored!, Loras Tyrell: done! Euron Greyjoy: done! Gerris Drinkwater: 5% sketched. to do: Jon Snow, Cersei, Beric Dondarrion, Victarion Greyjoy
~Transformers fanart: G1 Starscream poster: inked! colors: done!
~Skeletor: done!
~Teen Wolf fanart: inked! and awaiting colors
~Nikita fanart: done!
~Lost Bladesman fanart: 30% sketched
~Reign fanart: 80% sketched
~Green lantern fancomic: 23 pages thumbnailed out, 6 pages sketched, 4 pages inked
~Super Hero fanart project:
   aquaman: done!
   booster gold: done!
   catwoman: done!
   deathstroke: done!
   enchantress: done!
   flash: done!
   green lantern: done!
   harley quinn: done!
   ice: done!
  joker: done!
  kilowog: done!
  lex luthor: done! , out of/26
~Gundam 00 fanart: (back on the list!) Allelujah: done! , Lockon: inked! 100% colored! and awaiting posting, Setsuna: inked! 100% colored! and awaiting posting, Tieria: done!
~Gundam Unicorn fanart: Gearra Zulu: done! Sinanju: 5% sketched
~Tekken fanart: done!  fancomic: 1 page 91% done
~Daredevil fanart: done!
~The Man from U.N.C.L.E. fanart: done!
~Original concepts: several done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! & done! many more awaiting posting!  many many more being worked on

No. Never. Please don't ask.

Art Trades?
Inaevyn trade: I haven't forgotten! still 0% done though ^^;


Valong commission: done!  humanized starscream prime commission: done!
dragonlingdar commission 1: done! commission 2: done! commission 3: done!

Ammotu away!
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Ugh, my deepest apologies for having kept you waiting literally half a year after you made this post... and then another few years since we initiated this art trade between ourselves!

What happened was after having made two solid attempts at trying my hand at your boy, I gave up a while ago because for some reason I couldn't manage to produce something I was satisfied with at the time. However, dropping the opportunity to challenge my skills constantly nagged at me so I will give it one more go. Third time's a charm! Once again anyway, you have no obligation to begin your half of the trade until you feel like it, and I would rather you hold off on that until I post my half because it was my idea to begin with and it's been like five years?!?!
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:XD: has it really been that long?  oops lol

no worries at all, I know how easy it is to just get busy!  I've had a pretty crazy last few months myself.  I've actually just moved and started a new job, for the second time in the course of a couple months.  I'm hoping to have some free time coming up as I get settled here.  But you never know what will come up next eh?  ^^;
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MOAR ART, weeeeeeeeeee
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lol yaaay :XD:

Hey!  how've you been?  I haven't seen any art from you in a while!
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I've been excellent! Just living life haha.

Yea! I'm definitly slacking in the creative department, have not done any art in quite some time :|

How've you been? What's new and exciting in your life?
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:XD: awesome, really glad to hear you're doing well!

New and exciting? not much really lol.  still in michigan, still working at the same place i've been for years
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Congratulations on 11 years! :D  :party: looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous work :D
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thanks very much :D
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Woah, 11 years and still going strong! Keep up the good work.
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:XD: thanks!
it has been quite a long time lol
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Wooohooo 11 years :D Nice ^^ Looking forward to seeing more art, journals etc. in the new year ^^ Hope you have a wonderful day :D
Ammotu's avatar
:XD: thanks so much :D
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Congrats on your 11 DA Anniversary!
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:XD: thanks
long time lol
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