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Still on my Gundam kick.
Zeta's gotta be the go-to classic. Anybody else have a favorite Gundam series?

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Epic fanart, well done.

Zeta is my favorite of the bunch.

Lots of good characters and a more complicated war.

"Unicorn" is also pretty good, but the levels of people screaming and punching at each other are not the same as in "Zeta" XD

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Thank you! :D

Unicorn is good! Most of the Universal Century stuff is pretty great really :XD:

True. "Gundam UC" has become one of my favoite SciFi settings, because there war is actually portrayed in quite depressing way and we see beloved characters dying like flies.

Anyway, I like Zeta a lot because it shows antagonists on both the Federations and Zeons side. Plus, Kamille is a good example for a flawed yet sympathetic protagonist.

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Huh someone's missing. Where's Rosamia?
My favorite UC pilot, Kamille Bidan!
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He is definitely an interesting character! :D
I can never quite pick my number 1 favorite Gundam series, but Zeta is definitely one of the top contenders, right alongside 0080, Unicorn, 8th MS Team, IBO and 00.
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:nod: there are a lot of good ones for sure!
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Poor Kamille... I just feel so sad for him, he's my second favorite character next to Char. This a great art of this season 
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:nod: he's really an interesting character
thank you! :)
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This is amazing, I wouldn't mind if this was a poster for zeta. The crack of the visor making a comic like panel for each of the characters is so cool. Its like a representation of Kamillies life flashing befor his eyes.
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Thanks so much! :D
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Ah, yes, the best series UC Gundam has ever produced.

Not to mention the only time when the Federation had balls.........

Say what you will about Scirocco, but he was an effective leader. If only Kamille focused on the Neo Zeon instead of the Titans, the Earth Sphere would have been much better off. 
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:nod: it was a fantastic series, definitely don't see many like zeta anymore
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It's funny.......

People act like Game of Thrones is the first show on the public eye that mixed political intrigue with grimdark realism, but Zeta Gundam did that years before the first Song of Ice and Fire novel ever got published.

And the difference between the two? Most Zeta Gundam episodes have great battles, while most Game of Thrones seasons only have one great battle for each ten episodes.
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This gave me serious feels. Good job! I love the amount of character in each person - Scirocco's smirk, Haman's shrouded eyes; it really adds emotion to the artwork.
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thanks so much! :D
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Oh, I love this! amazing work!
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thanks so much! :D
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Zeta, followed by G.
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He's going to need a new helmet
I really love this, especially since it looks like the animation style from the movie trilogy, Zeta Gundam:  A New Translation.  I definitely prefer THAT version to the original series.
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thanks very much :)
animation has evolved a lot over the years since the original series lol
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I adore this piece. The composition is really well-done and everything's pretty balanced. Excellent job. C:
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