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goes with V lineup by Ammotu
a few more characters and redraws for my superhero project

**now with character descriptions** Left to right
Nex: Team leader, no super powers, built himself a powerful robotic suit to try and keep up with the appearance of super powered beings
Goldroid:Robotic soldier for the villainous Gold Guild
Frostbite: Has the super ability to create and manipulate weapons out of ice
Overload: Leader of the villainous Harbingers, has electrical and super speed powers
Glamour: Leader of the Gold Guild, has the ability to "glamour" people into seeing and beleiving what she wants them to
Glare: Member of the gold guild, no super powers, but wields a blinding light gun of her invention
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Very cool designs! Any details behind these characters?
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Thanks very much! :D
I've added a bit of description in, usually no one asks lol
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No problem! Not sure why no one asks, because when I see something to school I usually don't know the background behind.
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They do indeedy look spiffy.
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thanks very much! :D
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I can recognize Frostbite but the others must be new. Interessting designs. Would be nice to know their powers and Name.
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thanks! :)

^^; I've updated the description to include some more details lol
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Agreed! Tell us more!
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