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*Edit* I'm going to update this every time I add a few new characters **

So far left to right:
SolarStorm powers: flight and the ability to create shields and energy bursts from solar energy
Morgan Trexler (flashbacks only)  powers: none. **added**
Sharp powers: none **added**
Darklight powers: control of energy from a shadow realm
Frostbite powers: ability to create and manipulate ice **added**
Dr. Lumis powers: none.  super-scientist
Blare powers: sonic scream that can incapacitate enemies and blast through some materials if concentrated
Gazer powers: a spirit able to possess the wearers of an enchanted necklace **added**
Voila powers: invisibility

character model redesigns of my old superhero characters 

used: photoshop pen-tool + tablet

Please comment before faving!!! Comments are the only reason I post art!!
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I love the designs so much! 
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thank you! :D
I really appreciate it
I love these, I'm picking up some Marvel and DC influences here. Awesome job. 
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thank you very much! :D
I really appreciate it
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thanks very much! :)
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Dr. Lumis doesn't need superpowers---- he's super sexy.

It's the truth!! Hahaha. 

They're all super in their own right, anyhow. Great line work and color per usual.
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:XD:  I loled

& thanks very much!  :D
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thanks very much! :D
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