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Theon Greyjoy

Character  Theon Greyjoy
Colored version: Theon
I've been re-reading A Game of Thrones, and I thought it would be fun to try and draw my interpretations of a few of my favorite characters.

Theon is my first victim lol. I always liked him. He's probably not exactly right but I had fun doing him anyway.

I've got a few more done and in progress, but are there any Song of Ice and Fire characters you guys would like to see me take a crack at? I won't make any guarantees but I'll make a list of ones to try.
I've also done:
Euron Greyjoy
Loras Tyrell
Oberyn Martell colored & Oberyn Martell inked
Lady Stoneheart
Renly Baratheon
Asha Greyjoy
Petyr Baelish
Sansa Stark
Sandor Clegane colored & inked
Jaime Lannister
Arya Stark

used: photoshop pen-tool over tablet sketch

comments before faves please!!
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amazing artwork, probably the best I've seen from a Song of Ice and Fire.
have you thought about doing more Greyjoys? like Victarion?
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thank you very much! :D
the Greyjoys are my favorite house so definitely!  I have done Asha, and Euron and Victarrion are definitely on my list
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I actually like the B&W version beter, Not because the coloring version is bad of course, but I love the strong contrast in this one
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thanks! :)
i'm a big fan of high contrast style so i really appreciate it
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He looks great! :meow:
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You're welcome! :D
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Yes, great Theon!
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thanks very much! :D
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your artwork was featured here: [link]
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Very nice! I like his look and love the kraken in the background!
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thanks very much! :D
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He definitely should have paid the iron price... poor Theon, damn you, traitor.

very nice capture of his character :) :clap:
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thanks very much :D

poor Theon indeed XD, and he was always my favorite character lol
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I like your interpretation of the this character. looks like a haughty dandy. I hope you draw Asha, my fav one
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thanks very much! :D
Asha is definitely on my list :nod:
The Greyjoys were always my favorites lol
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All of your art is just wonderful. I absolutely adore this Theon- so much arrogance! He looks so close to how I imagined him. Great work :D
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Thanks so much! :D
I really appreciate it
I'm glad you think it suits him too, I was little worried he didn't look right at all lol
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I'd like to see Littlefinger and Cersei
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:XD: I've actually got a sketch of Littlefinger about half way done
and I'll add Cersei to my list :nod:
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I really dig that style :) I think drawing Oberyn Martell that way would be awesome because I always figured him out as a quite "sharp" character and that would totally fit. Or Cat after her transformation. But I guess I'll just watch you and see what character comes next :D
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thank you very much! :D

awesome suggestions, I'll definitely add those to my list :nod:
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Omfgzz... I love the details in this. Really sharp contrast in black and white but it's cool. :XD: And omfg, that fur... so much detaaaaiiiillll. But I love how you can tell what it is. I'd probably be crying trying to make that, ahhaha, you did an excellent job. His outfit looks pretty awesome. I always like how you depict wrinkles in clothes, lol. They actually look natural. :) I can't think of anything I don't like here, haha. It's pretty cool. Will this ever be colored? Please? Lol.
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