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The Trickster

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i'm losing my shit over your rogues' work holy shit your art is amazing!!!

also axel is a babyyy

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Thank you so very much!!
XD definitely based off his first appearances lol
dillonmania's avatar
An absolutely fantastic piece!  Love all the chaos surrounding him and his mischievous/malevolent sense of fun, which is perfect.
Ammotu's avatar
:D thanks so much!  I was running out of idea for stuff to throw in there lol
KaribuXY's avatar
I never could get used to this character. His inetntion were always so unclear and he wasen't really that killing sociopath like Joker. But he sure is some deadly enemy.
Ammotu's avatar
:XD: I've always thought of the Trickster as just in it for kicks, causing chaos and mayhem for the fun of it, and the other Rogues keep him from getting too out of hand
happysorceress's avatar
I am loving these so much. 
Ammotu's avatar
thanks so much! :D
definitely plenty more to come!!
Wynnifredd's avatar
Now why couldnt they have let Mark Hamil play THIS trickster in the old Flash series?
Ammotu's avatar
:XD:  not to be that guy, but I think the Axel Walker version of the Trickster wasn't actually created until about 10 years after the old Flash series was cancelled lol
Wynnifredd's avatar
Pity, Mark Hamill would have rocked it so hard.

I honestly think his Trickster is what landed him the voice role for Joker.
Amazing how history is made, huh?
Ammotu's avatar
that is awesome, I had never heard that before.  You can definitely see the influences between the roles though! :nod:
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