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The Flash

started on this a few months ago and I just kept adding stuff to it.  time to call it done
Flash vs the Rogues and Gorilla Grodd
used: photoshop + wacom tablet, photo refs for bg and refs for several poses
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Fantastic artwork, even with Flashpoint risk!
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thanks very much! :D
think Wally era lol
Wow this is excellent example of how far you have come as a artist. Bringing so many dynamic things together like this. Its not just random pics put together but something that is cohesive. Awesome work dude
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:33< I love The Flash and this is just awesome <3
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thanks so much! :D
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Man, just when you think Marvel's Sandman has the lamest "costume".  We get The Top, who not only goes for full body horizontal strips, but does so IN EVEN LAMER COLORS. 
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:XD:  at least stripes make more sense for the top
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What an amazing piece!  Love all the attention to detail and so much action happening, and it's great to see so many characters included in it!  Very cool :D
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thank you very much!  :D
it was fun trying to fit everyone in lol
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Wow - EVERYONE'S there!

Soooo much fun.
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:XD:  thank you very much!
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oh wow, this is FABULOUS

and that look on Grodd's face, is just priceless 'whooooo's an angry monkey?'  XD
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:XD: thanks so much!  I must say it was a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to draw gorilla expressions lol
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