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So I have been on a big TRON kick lately.  Blame watching the cartoon, which was amazing in spite of some of the art and it's so sad it was cancelled.  Which led me to re-watching the movies, reading that one comic, and I'm even playing the game.  This meant of course that I had to draw myself a crazy posed new wallpaper! Because this is how I enjoy things lol
Did his costume as combination of the Legacy and Uprising costumes.  Rinzler variation: Rinzler by Ammotu

used: photoshop + pen-tool + wacom tablet + lots of refs for posing

comments before faves please!!!
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Everything just got real!
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That is such a fantastic pose! Great job. :clap:
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thank you very much!! :D
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Amazing!  I'm a Tron fan too, and I go through a phase every year or two where it's all I think about.
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thanks! :D
too cool XD, definitely an awesome series, such an interesting concept
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dig it. a tron fan as well. dynamic pose for sure- any time you feel like a tron collab...cheers
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thanks very much! :D
really appreciate it
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Love the dynamic pose, love the lighting. Very fun!
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thank you very much! :D
Omgosh I lurve tron and I'm so depressed it got derezzed. Had such great potential and now its gone :'¬( 
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:nod: definitely disappointing it was cancelled, it was such a good show
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do u mind if i use this pose as a reference on a poster im working on?
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thank you very much! :D
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omg, this is so cool. I love watching the cartoon but I didn't know they canceled it! I've been waiting for more episodes on Netflex where I watched it originally :( Sad to hear. But this is awesome, i still love your ability with the pen tool. I have still not grasp that skill yet! Love seeing your work progress throughout the years! =)
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thanks so much!  I really appreciate it :D
sorry to be the bearer of bad news!  it's so disappointing when great shows get cancelled
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yes, but there is always hope the show can come back if the fan-base still continues. =)

**crosses fingers**
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:nod: that would be awesome!  maybe with the new movie lol
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heh, i just went threw a tron phase that lasted a couple months, a few months ago... this looks really good.
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thanks very much :)
lol that's awesome!  was it mostly the movies?  or uprising? or just kind of everything tron in general?
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started off when i felt the need to watch the original movie which made me watch "reboot" for nostalgias' sake. which lead to me playing "evolution", which made me want to see "legacy," which had a preview for"uprising". so i got on netflix and watched "uprising" which made me do some fanart which lead me to doing some digging about tron 3 which reminded me of the graphic novel "tron:betrayal" so i went and bought and read that. which lead back to fanart.
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awesome!  It's great when you can find such an inspiring series :)
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also just got off of a star wars kick, news of episode 7's cast, kinda killed my groove. prior to that was old school all star squad/ jsa books.
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