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Redo of my super hero dress-up game. I started this one months ago, January I think. Though I hadn’t actually worked on it in a while. The flash file had gotten too big to work with so I had to split it into two versions. Here’s the female version first. Male version: [link] My other games can be found here [link]
Should be pretty self explanatory, arrows to select an item, color splats to change the color, if you can’t see an item try changing the color, it may just be blending in.

because a lot of time and effort goes into making these i'm going to ask you to follow a few simple rules
1. Please do NOT fave without leaving a comment first.
2. Please do NOT actually use these designs for your own characters, this is just for fun and not meant to be used as a real character creator.
3. Please do NOT post screen-shots of creations without giving me credit and linking back either here or to my page.

that being said, please enjoy!
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cool game i really like it
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thanks very much! :D
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this is so awesome!
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thanks very much! :)
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Hi, I actually Favorited this a while ago but forgot to leave a comment, sorry about that.

This game is awesome and thank you for taking precious time to make it :)
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thanks very much!  I really appreciate it :D
WAFFLES134's avatar
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Can I show my creations that I use most of your games?
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If you want to post screen-shots that link back to the game here, that is fine :)
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I made Phoebe Thunderman. Peace.
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A lot of work went into this. Very good work. Thanks for sharing it.
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my apologies for the late reply, but I wanted to make sure I said thank you!  I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)
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It's cool and I thinks it's great and a bit uniqe compared to other Hero makes.
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thank you very much! :)
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This game is really good! Most female superhero dress-up games offer...impractical options, but your game offers a very practical and modest set of options! I applaude you.
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thank you very much!  :D
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cool. have to try this again
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