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Skeletor lineArt

Skeletor, because...wait. who am I kidding? Skeletor requires no explanation :mwahaha:+:skull:

edit: fixed up his hand a bit & colored version: Skeletor by Ammotu
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Yepp as I thought. This is just as awesome as the picture of Tri-Klops :)
You did both of my favorite characters, thank you for this.
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:XD: thanks very much!
really glad you enjoyed them
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thank you very much! :D
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Dude I use to love watching He-man when I was little, this brings back so many memories. Nice job by the way :clap:
Ammotu's avatar
thanks! :)
:XD: He-Man is a true classic. the 2002 series was surprisingly awesome at times too
Purplepirates's avatar
didnt know there was a 2002 series, must investigate and know worries i love your artwork :clap:
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Love your work...some thoughtful critique though, his hand holding the staff seems a bit misshapen and not exactly like the shape if it were holding the staff.
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^^; I thought I actually messed up the angle on the staff lol, hand should be a much easier fix, thank you :D
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SAY "Myeeeh" ONE MORE TIME! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE-DARE YOU-wait, wrong line.
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He-Man! Muahahah! :D Great work drawing him up! Wicked. ^^
Ammotu's avatar
:XD: thanks very much! :D
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