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Character  Commander Shepard
I played Mass Effect like crazy a few months ago and this was one of my two Shepards.
(the other one was basically just a female version of this one lol)
awesome games, wanted to draw my character.

used: photoshop pen tool + tablet
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Did you play on Xbox or pc?
If Xbox we need to team up on 3!!!!
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Playstation actually lol
^^;  too bad!
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Such a fun game!!!!!
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Love the art, man: just wondered, would you be cool if I used this for a character on a forum roleplay?
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thanks :)
as long as you give me credit for my work by linking back here or to may main page that's cool
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thank you very much! :D
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Your art is amazing! Would you let me feature it on my FB fan page?…

Of course, I would credit you and provide the link to your DA profile :D
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thank you very much! :D

of course, go right ahead!  I'm flattered that you would want to lol 
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I've been replaying the second game the whole week! Though I'm thinking of just rebooting my whole campaign, aha. This looks amazing c:
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thank you! :D
awesome!  I started with 3 myself, but I had to go back play all the way through, doesn't feel complete unless you start from the beginning lol
what sort of character do you play as?
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I usually go Fem!shep, Paragon infiltrator. :o (Partially since I've just used the same character with new game+ the whole time whistles)
I've been keeping up with the games as they're released! So I played in order, but yeah I know what you're saying. Plus all of these things from the first game keep reappearing n stuff, yanno?
As far as romance, I romanced Kaidan in the first game (which I regretted in 3), but Thane in 2...and then Kaidan again in 3.
Now that I'm replaying though, Kaidan is starting to irritate me more, so I'm going with Garrus. More fun that way c:

How about you?? Now that I'm done ranting (whoops sorry aah;;)
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I've got a male Shepard and a female Shepard that I play identically.  Soldier, mostly neutral but leaning towards Renegade, and always romance Kaidan, even though he is, as you said, actually kind of irritating lol :)
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My brother plays the male shepard and leans toward renegade, so between the two of us we end up getting both experiences.
My next play I'm thinking of romancing Kaidan in 1, then leaving him on Virmire and trying someone else in 2 and 3 :o Garrus was a /lot/ of fun as a romance. Thane was just really sad though. :c So I'm wandering through. c:

Engineer or Infiltrator are my favorites because I get to set people on fire that way. So useful. And fun.
Mainly fun.

Right though?? First time I heard him I freaked out because he's Carth in KotOR and I was like "No way what wait"
and it's the same character type
which is kinda hilarious in hindsight. c:
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:XD: fire is awesome.  Totally the best in multi-player.
Can't say I know what KotOR is though :shrug:
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Fire is amazing and anyone who says otherwise should be burned. c:

Knights of the Old Republic. It was a star wars series that was done by (hey) Bioware early 2000s and is one of my favorite game series still c: Though the second one I recommend for PC because there's a restoration mod some fans did due to the game's release being rushed.
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Aw nice! :)
Your shepard is really really good! :)
(Although they look bad ;) ).
You're animate/inanimate object art is very good, as is your colour and background. :heart:
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thank you very much! :D
( :XD: not totally bad...just mostly :mwahaha: )
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This is an awesome artwork :O
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thanks very much!  really appreciate it :D
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thank you very much! :D
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Man, he totally looks awesome ! Love his suit as well ! The combination black, silver and red is again and again a "feast for the eyes". ;)
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:D thanks so much!
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