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the lion king was always my favorite disney movie as a kid.  the trailer for the cash grab remake made me want to draw fanart of the original
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Rani: Lion who are you?

Scar: I am your great uncle in law Scar and who are you?

Rani: I'm Rani the leader of the Night Pride.

Scar: The Night Pride what's that?

Rani: It's a group of lions that protect everything at the Tree of Life for those who cause harm. Are you the one who killed Mufasa?

Scar: Yes I am.

Rani: Why did you kill him?

Scar: Because he got the throne instead of me all these years, I wanted to rule everything in the Pride Lands but my dad chose my brother Mufasa to be the king over me that's why I killed him.

Rani: So you really think that by killing him would be the only way to do it?

Scar: Yes and why do you ask?

Rani: Because my grandmom told me everything about you. First you killed Mufasa, then you caused all those animals to die of starvation by turning the Pride Lands into a wasteland, you accused Simba of being responsible for his father's death you told him to run away by sending him into exile but luckily for him he had his friends to save him and if it wasn't for them then he would've died in the desert alone, you tried to kill him many times, you forced my mother in law to be your queen, and most of all you cared about nobody but yourself.

Scar: Ah so that’s what you heard?

Rani: Yes so now you're going to get your revenge on Simba?

Scar: That is correct once I kill Simba, I will be the ruler of the Pride Lands forever.

Rani: No you're wrong Scar Simba is the rightful king and you’ll never be the ruler because I know for a fact that Simba is my father in law. And another thing you almost made my husband turn evil by letting your snake friend give him a scar on his face all because he couldn’t control his power of the Roar!! If I hadn't welcomed him and his friends to the Tree of Life, he would’ve lost it entirely.

Scar: That’s where you’re wrong once I turn Kion evil, he will be forced to do my bidding and give me everything I ever wanted.

Rani: Kion will never turn evil Scar because he’s been recovered from the venom. More importantly, why did you frame my father in law?

Scar: I framed Simba because he was responsible for Mufasa's death.

Rani: He wasn't responsible for his fathers death Scar you were. You're no king you're nothing but a liar, a tyrant, and a killer.

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I know that your powers of retention

Are as wet as a warthog's backside

But thick as you are, pay attention!

My words are a matter of pride

It's clear from your vacant expressions

The lights are not all on upstairs

But we're talking kings and succession

Even you can be caught unaware!

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:XD: Best villain song for sure

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My second favourite Disney Villain, after Captain Hook of course! :D What I love most about him is that he actually succeeds in his plans!

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:nod: For sure, he's a fantastic character!

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WHOA hold up TLK fan art is not allowed to be this amazing, it's too gorgeous to cope with 😭

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:XD: Thank you so much!! :D

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Yeah, and mad respect for calling the new TLK a cash grab lol. Such a disappointment. 😭

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He looks scarily realistic!

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:D Thanks very much!

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:D Absolutely!
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He's sooo badass!!
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:D such a great character!
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Personally think it's the best villain song EVER
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:nod: 100% agreed lol
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Great Piece, Makes Scar look even more scary. Fox Out.
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:D thank you very much!!
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Wooow. Beautiful!
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Thanks so much! :D
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