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Sansa Stark

I've been re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, and I thought it would be fun to try and draw my interpretations of a few of my favorite characters.
I wasn't originally planning to do Sansa, but it was decided I couldn't do the hound and not his little bird XD

I've also done:
Euron Greyjoy
Loras Tyrell
Oberyn Martell colored & Oberyn Martell inked
Lady Stoneheart
Renly Baratheon
Asha Greyjoy
Petyr Baelish
Sandor Clegane colored & inked
Jaime Lannister
Arya Stark
Theon Greyjoy colored & inked

used: photoshop pen-tool over tablet sketch

comments before faves please!!
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Awesome job, and I love the description, hueheh :D
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Thank you very much!  :XD:
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Great picture!!! I like the smooth lineart and inking. I just started getting into HOB's "Game of Thrones" and I like it :)

On a related note, doesn't this song kinda fit Sansa?…

Keep up the good work!
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thanks very much! :D
I'm not a fan of HBO's show myself, but the books are beyond fantastic
LadyCat17's avatar
Ohhh, great interpretation!! :)
Ammotu's avatar
thank you very much! :D
ACompanyofSwans's avatar
Beyond beautiful. While a coloured version would be nice, I actually really like the black and white!
Ammotu's avatar
:D thanks very much!
ShadowOfNight-9's avatar
please, please, please colour her!!!!! :D
vonrakka's avatar
i cant wait for her to slay the giant.
Ammotu's avatar
:nod: totally, it's about time Sansa did something epic lol
AquaKacheek's avatar
Sansa is so sweet! I didn't like her at first, but then she was revealed to be a pretty face admist a sea of chaos.
Ammotu's avatar
:nod: indeed, I didn't care for her either at first but her chapters are usually interesting because she's right in the center of the action throughout the first few books anyway
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I really love your style, her dress, her face, the sigil, everything is perfect.
Another fav ^^
Ammotu's avatar
:aww: thanks! I really appreciate it
Cra-ZShaker's avatar
you should color it
celestearcher's avatar
Whoa! This is beautiful!
Ammotu's avatar
thank you very much! :D
Tar-Celebrian's avatar
Waw ! I'm impressed by your work, especially in comparison with your other one (Arya Stark). One is black, one is white... maybe as sisters so different :P
Here we have a grown Sansa. I liker the expression of her face. Thanks to Petyr, she turned into a Stark able to play the game of thrones ;)
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thank you very much! :D
Doofus-the-Cool's avatar
wow. That face has one heck of a load of cruelty in it, I thought it was Cersei first. Great job tough!
therealmoke's avatar
your artwork was featured here: [link]
Zireael07's avatar
Did I mention I like your style? Awesome!
Ammotu's avatar
:XD: thanks very much!
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