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Sandor Clegane

Character  Sandor Clegane
colored version is here: The Hound

I've been re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, and I thought it would be fun to try and draw my interpretations of a few of my favorite characters.
& the Hound, Sandor Clegane, is definitely one of my favorites.

I've also done:
Euron Greyjoy
Loras Tyrell
Oberyn Martell colored & Oberyn Martell inked
Lady Stoneheart
Renly Baratheon
Asha Greyjoy
Petyr Baelish
Sansa Stark
Jaime Lannister
Arya Stark
Theon Greyjoy colored & inked

used: photoshop pen-tool over tablet sketch
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Grunt but not skinny I like it!
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Unquestionably one of the best Sandor's I have ever seen. You've got his expression just right, and even the scar looks angry! You have a real talent - you really do!
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:D thank so much!
you're too kind :aww:
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thank you very much! :D
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your artwork was featured here: [link]
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My favourite character as well. Very good interpretation, indeed. Your style is really gorgeous, I like the costume and the background very much. Fave, of course.
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thank you very much! I really appreciate it
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thanks very much! :D
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How very dramatic ;) good job
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:D thank you very much!
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Gaadddd, I love him. And you did him justice. You did, indeed.
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thank you very much! :D
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Love it. The expression really fits the character and I'd definitely have to say that Sandor is my favourite.
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thanks very much! :D
I had fun with his expression lol

He's really a great character :nod:
I think I like him better and better every time I re-read the books
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Wonderful job, I love the style, background, and just how well he turned out. :D Clegane's great!
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thank you very much! :D
He's such an awesome character ^^
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If there's one of the thouands of badasses in A Game of Thrones I like, then it should be The Hound (:
The snarling expression is great - it tells something about his personality. And the three dogs, the sigil, actually fit him quite well (you can say they look a like)
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:XD: the Hound is such an awesome character. I almost wish there was a whole book of just his wondrous adventures with Arya lol
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Very cool! I love the house banner as the background.
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