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Pied Piper

to go with Mirror Master The Trickster Heatwave Golden Glider Weather Wizard  Captain Boomerang

I'm going to go ahead and blame my lack of art the last few weeks on Injustice 2 coming out
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*squees beyond the realm of human hearing*  He's fantastic!  *twirls you*
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:giggle: thanks so much!
You're most welcome!  *still twirling*
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An amazing piece -- those colours and effects are so beautiful.  Love how you've wrapped those musical notes around him!
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thanks so much! :D  I really appreciate it
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thanks very much! :D
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har, when i was researching stuff for my picture book final, this dude kept popping in my google searches.

ahhh i need to get back into watching all of the shows. these interesting characters are showing up and i don't know who, what, where the hell or why lol~ mmm, good feelings from this.
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lol that's awesome :)

shows are okay sometimes, only a few are actually good, the comics are really what you want to get into for the best stories lol
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oooh, that is lovely work. Can you make certain good guys look this cool? Please? pretty please?
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thanks so much! :D
c'mon, Hartley is basically a good guy anymore lol
is there a particular good guy you are referring to?
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Pied Piper went legit? Awesome! 

I've been on a fanfic binge lately, and I gotta admit, a good pic of oh brother // 004 and The Fuck You Just Say?  working together in your style? :heartyfaint: 
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Piper's been a good guy for the most part since the late 80s ;)
I'll add them to my list, but warn you, it's a very long list lol
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and i'll love love love seeing whatever you put out. Crisis looks scrumptious.
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