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Oberyn Martell

Character  Oberyn Martell
Another ASOIAF character interpretation. Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper.
I know that's not the sort of spear he'd probably use, but I really wanted to give him a snake spear lol, I'll go ahead and blame it on playing too much dynasty warriors lately

I've also done:
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Oberyn Martell colored & Oberyn Martell inked
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Sandor Clegane colored & Sandor Clegane inked
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Theon Greyjoy colored & Theon Greyjoy inked

used: photoshop + pen-tool + tablet

please comment before faving!  comments/feedback are the only reason I post art here!
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You drew him! You perfected him! You are awesome!
You drew him! You perfected him! You are awesome!
You drew him! You perfected him! You are awesome!
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Hilarious that you say, "That's not the type of spear he would probably use", because his portrayal in the Show used one quite similar.…
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lol! that is hilarious.  I can't stand the show so I had no idea :XD:
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Is it legal to be this good at art and clean lines?
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:XD: thanks so much!
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Fantastic interpretation again :thumbsup: I like Pedro Pascal in the series, but it's your Oberyn having the book character vibe.
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thanks very much! :D
I don't watch the show anymore, it makes me too angry everything they change lol
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With the changes there is something we don't know, too. But it dropped a bit in quality, at least after watching other series I've got such feeling. But no matter what they do we can draw our own visions ;)
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He looks kinda like Jaqen H'ghar here.

"A man sees a resemblance between a Faceless One and the Red Viper." :)
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:XD: if you say so.
definitely not how I pictured Jaqen H'ghar from his descriptions in the book :)
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This is exactly how I pictured him from the books. Great job! Thank you for sharing your art.  
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thank you very much!
I really appreciate it :D
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One of my favourite characters, I love this. I think you've nailed his features and posture all with a touch of Red Viper arrogance. thanks for sharing your art!
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thank you very much!  I really appreciate it :D
he is definitely an interesting character :nod:
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Is perfect *_* love!
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:D thank you very much!
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O.O what's this from?
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George R R Martin's utterly fantastic A Song of Ice and Fire book series.  (it's also a show on HBO called Game of Thrones, after the first book, but I'm really not a fan of the show)
This is my interpretation of what the character would look like based on the books lol :)
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"The man's infamous, and not just for poisoning his sword." ~ Jaime Lannister

Epic, really epic!
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Ah, how I hate this site on a mobile device *gnaaah*
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:XD: awesome quote anyway
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