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Jiang Yuan

character for another one of my many unfinished stories.
the idea here was to draw him at the start of the story when he's basically just a soldier and then the later version after years in the desert, while trying to incorporate elements of the original uniform into his new costume.  fun fun!

used: photoshop + pen-tool + tablet, refs for posing

character design (c) Ammotu

comments before faves please!!
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Unfinished stories, i know the feel. :XD: 
Ammotu's avatar
so very very many of them too lol
why is it so hard to finish things :XD:
Anomalies13's avatar
I dunno, but I'm pretty sure if it were easy, a lot of people would actually be productive, myself included. :XD: 
Xelestial's avatar
Oh man, I love the character design here! And especially the colors on the second outfit. And those details!! :faint:
Ammotu's avatar
thanks very much!  I really appreciate it :D
Caradepato's avatar
Really like how you preserved elements from the first design in the second, in a way that makes sense. The pose confuses me, but thats a small complaint.
Ammotu's avatar
thanks very much! :D
lol it is based off a somewhat unusual fighting style, it would probably make a lot more sense in motion
Caradepato's avatar
hmmm, now i am very curious to hear what fighting style that is.
Ammotu's avatar
lol the easiest example would probably be something like Patroklos from Soul Caliber V, just in the blade unsheathed pose
emoyaoi19's avatar
You know, one of the things I love most about your art is how you incorporate patterns into your clothing. Excellent work~!
Ammotu's avatar
thanks so much!
I really enjoy costume design, so patterns are a great way to keep things interesting :D
emoyaoi19's avatar
My pleasure~! You do an amazing job at designing costumes! 
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Ditto previous commenter, that hair is fab and jeebus you do really great details on costumes~ Everything about it is super awesome!
Ammotu's avatar
thank you very much! :D
I really appreciate it
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He's quite handsome! Oh, I love his desert warrior concept; you really tricked out his outfit and his HAIR is super fantabulous. Unf. Bravo!
Ammotu's avatar
:D thanks so much!  I had a lot of fun with that design lol
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