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Humanized Megatron

To go with Humanized Starscream 
Redo of my Humanized Megatron from several years ago, (which I have since deleted along with a lot of the other old ones), same pose and colors though I redid his costume.

used: photoshop, pen-tool + tablet

please comment before faving!  comments/feedback are the only reason I post art on here!
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Dang! Meg looks serious. Lol

Ammotu's avatar

:XD: Thanks

He means business lol

Katiethewolfangel's avatar

I can only imagine :)

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This is one of the best humanizations I've seen of him. I'm not exactly the fan of him being a bishie, it simply doesn't suit him. He would have a harder, more grizzled face and a stoner demeanor. 
ZombieFoundation's avatar

But he looks like Geralt!

RockmanGurl's avatar
Huh, he kinda does. Though personally, he reminds me of D from Metal Idol Key.
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Thank you so much! :)
I definitely agree, he is always characterized as an older tougher character Nod 
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Fleshies in disguise
ShinyPiece's avatar
HOT DAMN He is hot!
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Bruh, u totally got it with Meg's human form!
Good job!! 
Ammotu's avatar
:XD: thanks very much!
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Can this also be used for Galvatron or does he have a separate holoform?
Ammotu's avatar
I would imagine he would look quite different as Galvatron, or at the very least wear a lot more purple lol
Skyhunter22's avatar
Any chance you can do a humanized Galvatron? I would love to see that
Ammotu's avatar
sorry, I don't do requests
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The Humanized Transformers (or 'Humanformers' as they're sometimes called) have always been a hit or miss for me but especially so when it comes to Megatron; a lot of the times he seems to be displayed at a relatively young age (then again I suppose they all are in a way) and looses much of the harsher/edgier angles presented in his Cybertonian form in place of what I find to be the more standard take. 

That said I've been thoroughly impressed by your interpretation which is by far my favourite Humanized Megatron so far (and one of my favourites of your collection) as well as the rest of your works in this field because you've done a good job providing a different range of positions, face and body structures and capturing the mood/personalities of the characters themselves. 
Ammotu's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
I really appreciate that
Trekkicat's avatar
ohhhh yessss......'drools'...oh no, not again! stupid drooling..everywhere on the floor....
Ammotu's avatar
:XD: glad you liked it!
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I would love to meet him...but on the other hand Megatron is a very bad leader. Just spending time with him could be lethal. Sighs...
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Marlon Brando? ☺️ 
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