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One of my many projects at the moment is sci-fi epic.  This is a base design for one of the alien races.  They are sort of space shark pirates.

used: photoshop + pen-tool + tablet

character design (c) Ammotu

Please don't fave if you aren't going to comment!  Every time you fave and run I want to post art a little less.
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© 2013 - 2021 Ammotu
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You are not the only one who draws shark characters. I really liked this one! :D

Ohh I really love sharks aliens! They are so amazing and badass!!
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:D definitely a fun theme!
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this is epic thought it was a kaiju
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thanks! :D

I'm afraid I don't know what a 'kaiju' is though ^^;
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its Japanese for monster
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That is absolutely not alright.  Please remove this.  You do not have permission to use my work in any way.
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you said they are a race of pirates! so i just naturally borrowed them for my series. and if your not giving me credit for borrowing your ideas for my series, then your an asshole!
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You absolutely do not have permission to use my work in anyway.  Once again, please remove this.
I would not steal concepts from you, have the common courtesy to do the same.
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Sweet design! I'm pretty sure I don't EVER want to be left alone with this guy <__<
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I enjoy thhe plating concept, and the colour contrast between joints, where the gaps in plates are most prnounced. There is a texture quality in those areas too that draws the eye. The square jaw is always an interesting choice to me when it comes to shark-morphs, but the over all bulk and squatness to his design makes it work quite well.
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thanks very much :)
I really appreciate it
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Sleek and menacing... Love it! The toothy grin is all sorts of excellent as well.
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thanks! :D
his teeth were fun to do lol
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Now that's how to make an anthropomorphic alien, but still make it clearly alien.  Very interesting fusion of ideas, concepts and features!
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thanks very much!  I really appreciate it :D
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Very interesting alien design.
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