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Euron Greyjoy

Another interpretation of a character from the awesome A Song of Ice and Fire books. This time Euron Greyjoy, the Crow's Eye.  The Greyjoys are my favorite house for sure
I've also done:
Loras Tyrell
Oberyn Martell colored & Oberyn Martell inked
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Renly Baratheon
Asha Greyjoy
Petyr Baelish
Sansa Stark
Sandor Clegane colored & Sandor Clegane inked
Jaime Lannister
Arya Stark
Theon Greyjoy colored & Theon Greyjoy inked

used: photoshop + pen-tool + wacom tablet

comments before faves please!!!
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oh man! so these Greyjoy guys were yours! they're drawn so beautifully! Euron the Maleficent, and Theon, when he wasn't... well, let's not spoil it! Theon in the show doesn't looks like a Greyjoy, he looks Russian.
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thanks very much! :D

lol yeah, the terrible casting is one of the many reasons I can't stand to watch the show.  Theon was one of the worst, it's like they never bothered to cast a Theon at all and jumped straight to... well I'll call it his alter-ego
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It's even worse in Euron's case :/ The show's Euron is completely a different person, he doesn't have an eye-patch, he is not tall and dark and he is not a kind of pirate-vampire-sorcerer thing that he was in the ASOIAF. In the book he returned like a pirate, in the show he came like some random ironman from people who had gathered there... that was awful. not to mention there's no Victarion in the show :/
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wow, that's awful.  I didn't even know he was on the show.  Sounds like another great reason to never watch it lol
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yep :/ Greyjoy story line in the show really sucks :/
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thank you very much! :D
Loving what you did there. I don´t know why, but his pose just really says "a sailor on dry land". And that little smile of his like he knows what you´re gonna do because he left you no other choice.
I can´t say I even have a favorite House as a whole but Euron is one of my favorite characters... and I think he really is the biggest kraken in the sea. The only one of them that could possibly win over a dragon if fates (and the author) so wish it. ;D
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Thanks so much :D
he is definitely an awesome character :nod: probably one of my favorites too. I really want to see him get the dragons too. you know he's got some epic plans for them
You´re very welcome.
Humm, for sure. I do wonder if he believes that with the horn, has some secret plan (perhaps something to do with the Warlocks), or if he plans to get the literal dragons through The Dragon, Dany. Something tells me the last way is the safest way to go about it. Unless she gets too mad at Victarion first. -.- XD
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My guess is that Victarion will use the horn to catch at least one of the dragons, (personally I hope they take all of them lol) but Euron knows the horns secrets and will wind up in control of the dragon(s?)  Granted, things will probably go bad from there, it is GRRM after all, but even a few chapters of epic Euron with dragons would be worth it.  Forget about Dany completely, they don't need her for anything.
*shrugs* Heh, even if they don´t. Wouldn´t it be just more like Euron to get the dragons along with the lady than to get only them? Even if only to get the silly ideas of stealing anything from him out of Victarions head. ;)
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Fascinating !! Did you design his clothing ?
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Thanks very much! :D
i did design the costume 
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