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Costume Creator v. X

You can find my other flash games here:…

Please follow my in-game rules!

Working on this one on and off for going on three years now. Started off as sort of a 1930s style, expanded more into a 20's-50s fashion. Two models for game ten! About two-hundred items per model. (The two models can't be on-screen at the same time because of the way I set these games up, I'm no programmer by any means too many layers make lower layers disappear. If you are still seeing this issue I recommend updating your flash player!)
Try turning off other items if you are having trouble seeing items.

Game (c) Ammotu

Don’t forget to send me a link to screenshots if you post them!!
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hey! since the great flash purge has already began, would you mind making your games downloadable so they can still be played locally? they're litterally too good to just diseapear

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Hey! Well thank you! I honestly didn't think anybody had any interest in these anymore. They should be available to download now :)

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Hey Ammotu just asking but now with the end of Flash will you make your games downloadable? 030

Ammotu's avatar

Hey! Does the flash ban not apply to local files? I was under the assumption it was pretty much all being wiped out. Which is obviously disappointing.

Let me know what games you want and I'll set it to downloadable for the next week or so

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Well just mostly just all the games you can in general, your Costume creator is a amazing and since now can't play anymore normally then at least make it downloadable so it dosen't go forgettable XD

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Okay go for it!

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Thank you alot ^^

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I'm glad I found this-- I love it! The style is excellent.
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Thank you very much!! :D
Ammotu's avatar
:D nice!  I almost never get screenshots for this game, thanks!
Wonderfully done.

Quick question though. I'm having trouble finding any 'save' options. Any tips?
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thanks very much :)

yeah, I don't know how to program one so there isn't one lol ^^;
you'll have to use the 'prtScn' button on your keyboard or a program like the snipping tool to take a screenshot if you want to save anything!
It's all good. Thanks for the tip!
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I love this game!!!! Thank you ;)
Ammotu's avatar
Thank you! :D
glad you enjoyed it!
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This is really cool!
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thanks very much! :)
StarlitTown's avatar
This was a great game! Perfectly fits the time frame its set for!
Ammotu's avatar
thank you very much! :D
I really appreciate it
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awesome I love this game and how it has that 1930s feel to it amazing guns and blunt objects and knives and stuff I give it a ten out of ten
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thanks so much!  I really appreciate it :D
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I dig this and all, but I wish I could put certain accessories over certain cloths(scarf over the jacket for example) Still fun, though.
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