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Captain Boomerang

goes with Mirror Master Pied Piper  The Trickster Heatwave Weather Wizard Golden Glider
everyone's favorite Australian super villain
you aren't cool until your scarf is about fifteen feet long lol
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my favorite aussie indeed

i love this!! and i really liked the bg too!! <333

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Thank you!
He is a really fun character :D
Captain Boomerang is one of my favorite underrated superheroes and I’m glad you made such good artwork!
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Thank you!  He is definitely a great character, it's a shame we don't see more of him :)
If 'cool' demands an extra-long scarf, he's definitely hitting it!  *grins*  Well done!
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:XD: thank you!  Definitely more epic that way lol
Most welcome -- and I definitely agree!
I really love the tone and the simplicity of this pic. His knee seems to be a bit weird though #Chunlihips
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This is so cool! And yes, that long-ass scarf makes for a great composition!
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thanks so much!! :D
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aaah, he went to Baker's school of Scarves? Gotcha
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^^; I'm afraid I missed that one lol
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Tom Baker, the quientessential Doctor Who for many a generation. Most notable for his nine mile scarfThe 4th Doctor…
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ah okay, Dr Who is one of the rare geeky things I've never been able to get into.  That is a mighty epic scarf though! :XD:
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i think it might be more famous than Baker is, actually XP
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certainly one of his better versions. Suicide Squad 'Captain Boomerang' was just rubbish.
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:nod: definitely.  I thought the whole movie was awful though lol
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