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Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle.
first art on my new computer, old one died, had to buy all new stuff
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Nice perspective. His hand seems like it should be visible tho through the energy wave given that everything else seems to be.
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it was a blending mode thing, the fingers made too small a shape to blend well in erasing that bit :shrug:
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Wicked! Love the colors.
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thank you!! :D
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Sooooo good!!!!!!!! 
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thanks so much! :D
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that, is cool my dude. good job, love your style
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thank you very much! :D
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You know, I've seen a lot of information about the Young Justice characters, you know, some of the sidekicks that should stop being sidekicks after 18, like Roy Harper (the clone) who moved from Ricardito to Red Arrow, but there are some who caught my attention. Kaldur'ahm was the only Aqualad in history, and in the first phase he was 16 years old, and his friend Garth was the same age, but Garth proved to have a potential that made him the sea wizard, and he is already called Tempest, that is, on Land 16 of Young Justice, Garth only began his career as Tempest at this age, and the only Aqualad was the Kaldur. Dick Grayson the first Robin who was 13-14 years old in the first season, five years passed and he made 19, but he became Nightwing for a long time, let's say that in the first season shows events from July to December 2010 and the second as of January 2016, and it was said that by the end of 2012 he becomes Nightwing, and he would be approximately 16, the age Garth had when he began to enter the active as Tempest and the Kaldur as the only Aqualad. And in the second season we discovered that the real Roy was cloned almost nine years ago when he was 15, and the clone went through him, and the real one who was 23, went into hibernation and still had a face of 15, and when he awakened the original became the Arsenal while his clone is the Red Arrow and married to Jade, he creates his daughter Lian. So the big question is that if in my multiverse that I'm creating, the original sidekicks like Dick, Roy, Donna, Wally and Garth can have their own codenames before 18? remembering that in the original comics they were the same age and in the Young Justice they diversified If anyone knows, answer me ...
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Lookin' awesome my friend. Sorry to hear about the old rig, but the new seems to be doing right by you.
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thanks very much! :D
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