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Corvo Blade (XL Version)

New extra long version of my Corvo prop with the original default length version. XL version was commissioned by Arkane Studios for the lobby of their France office.

XL Kit:


Assembly Instructions:…
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Aug 15, 2013, 8:38:18 PM
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On your shapeways version of this sword (which by the way is awesome :D! ), does the kit require coloring/painting? I didn't know if it came just with the pieces with the white finish, or if it came with colored pieces that you could build yourself? Either way, it doesn't matter to me, I am just curious! 
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I NEED this. But I don't have $130 :( This is amazing though.
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Hey man, I just got mine in and have made it. It seems though that flipping the XL version out is kind of tough... is it possible to flip it out like in the instructional video? I've oiled it up and it slides out a little smoother, but it still is difficult to get it to work properly.
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Check my other assembly videos (Connor, Hook/Assassin, etc), I go into more detail there. Everything should be running smoothly without any oils before final paint and assembly. I'd recommend carefully and methodically cleaning the the excess printing powder out of the parts. If the test assembly still doesn't run smoothly, I'd recommend sanding the offending surfaces or parts with 100 grit. When everything is working add the rubber bands and do one last check before final paint and assembly.    
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What will we do with a drunken whaler?
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Dude, you're awesome. I tried to make stuff like this, and it's all terrible XD. 
And you're planning on selling Altair-esque hidden blade kits, right? How much are they going to cost? Somewhere around $130?
Nazo-The-Unsolvable's avatar
I know it's asked a lot and you're pretty tired of seeing the question, but everyone wants to know. 

Will your replicas of Ezio's hidden blade ever made it to shapeways?
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Probably not. Definitely not the silver AC Brotherhood one (since the NECA one exists) maybe a version of the original ACII version (feather blade) but that will depend on the performance of my upcoming Yusuf/Hook and Altair-esque kits. 
Nazo-The-Unsolvable's avatar
I see. Thanks for the reply.
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Duuudeee.... Just... Duuuuuude... Nice work on those blades. Sure makes one wish for a 3-D printer.
& congrats on being commissioned directly by Arkane! (y)
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Do you 3D print these or carve the pieces?
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I suspected c= it seems the easier of the two options
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Man that's pretty.
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Oh woh congrats on being commissioned by Arkane themselves!

I cant wait to buy your kit as well. :)
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