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It's been a long while since I've written a journal. I fell off the grid with DA, and everything for awhile after a life threatening illness in 2016. I underwent a major surgery and after a few months recovery I slowly started getting back on my feet. Things that I have focused on a lot in the last year and a half has been charity work. I co-founded a Star Wars charity group called Star Wars Echo Three please go over and check out our page and like! We are 40+ members and growing and we have now decided to embark on a new adventure. 
We have started our Kickstarter page for this new project that will document this important journey to help others in need and in doing so, I hope we can inspire others to do what we do. From the beginning of my costume making years it has always been a dream of mine to use my costuming to help others. Ultimately, hospital visits was my goal; To visit those in the hospital and help them be happy while they try to overcome a difficult time in their lives. 
I am proud to say Echo Three has earned the privilege to visit sick kids hospital on a regular occasion. 

My new project for the next year is all detailed on the Kickstarter page. You can watch the trailer and read the page for full details. If you can, please share the page and donate if you can. We only have one month to acquire the funds needed to proceed with the project. 

In the coming months I hope to get more photo shoots done with some more of my cosplays. I have some photos to upload and will be doing that in the coming weeks. 
I have been invited back to the Sailor Moon Celebration/Pretty Heroes event in Toronto. The event is growing fast and is a really fun event! I will be teaching some workshops there as well as hosting a panel. If anyone is in the area I highly recommend checking this convention out!

I also have some future plans on participating in a cosplay documentary done by a local film maker. He is featuring cosplayers from the South Western Ontario area. 

I plan on uploading my full Sailor Moon fuku tutorial on here. I have it in a PDF format. I didn't know if DA would display a PDF. If not, I will have to upload each section individually as JPEGs. Anyone who has knowledge of uploading PDFs on DA, please comment below to let me know. I appreciate all the help from the community! 
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Maphisto86 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018
That is such a nice idea with Echo Three. Sort of like the 501st Legion. I am glad to donate towards the "Galaxy of Hope" Kickstarter. Wishing the project the best of luck. :thumbsup:
AmmieChan Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you! Every little bit helps! Yes we actually work with 501st sometimes. They reached out to us and wanted to start working in partnership with us for some events. Nice group of people! Be sure to share that Kickstarter link to everyone. We only have until the end of May to accumulate what we need otherwise the process won't be documented! It will be a high quality production, to check out more of Rob's work with Jay, check out Nintendo Quest!
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