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Make sure you read all of the carefully before using my stock - especially the Common Rules.

:new: In the light of recent events please have a look! :new:

:silentkitty: My art and photography may not be used in anything or anywhere without my permission! Anything else is stealing.

:silentkitty: My stock images DO NOT belong to the public domain.

:silentkitty:  Please PLEASE stop asking me if you can use my stocks in manipulations or as references. I'm so tired of it! This is a stock account - I upload pics for you to use it! Just follow my rules below if you do. I WON'T ANSWER comments or notes concerning this anymore!

Common Rules

:silentkitty: You have to be a member of dA if you want to use my stocks.

:silentkitty: Don't claim my stock photos as your own. You're NOT allowed to repost/(re)distribute my stocks on other websites. That also means you're also not allowed to repost them here on dA as .PNG files, clear backgrounds or whatever. See the next point. Please don't ask - it's simply NO.

:silentkitty: Don't use my stock for creating new stocks, clear background files, manipulated stocks, premade backgrounds, brushes or whatever. Making tutorials is allowed - but follow these rules.

:silentkitty: You can make manipulations as well as use my stocks as references for drawings or what ever you want to do with them. But notice I want NO USE in pornographic, rassistic, hate, violence, ... work or similiar things - and I raise the limit where this begins!

:silentkitty: If you want to use my model-stocks you have to use the full model (at least head and body). I don't mind changing a hand/arm/hair/parts of the dresses/... if it doesn't fit your work but I'm tired of seen just the skirts used. This is a model-stock - not an application-stock! So if you don't like the model don't use it!

:silentkitty: Be a little creative! Changing the colour or doing some sepia is no art - I want to see some effort!

:silentkitty: If you like a picture save it on your computer. I clean up my gallery from time to time and what is lost is lost. I don't upload anything again. But if you want to use a stock which can't be found in my gallery anymore you're still allowed to use it by following these rules here.

:silentkitty: :new: If you buy my exclusive /premium stocks you agree to follow my rules! :new:

:silentkitty: If you don't abide these rules you have to delete your art/work from your gallery. I'm fast at reporting - this is no fun for me.

Using my stocks inside dA

:silentkitty: If you use pictures of my stock, it is necessary to link back to : devAmliel : or : iconAmliel : (without the spaces) within the description of your picture. A direct link to the used stock would be nice 'cause other artists can find it easier and faster but it is not necessary. :new: If there's a photographer mentioned please credit the photographer as well by the Name which is written in the stock description! :new:

:silentkitty: Send a note or leave a comment on my frontpage or the used stock with the link to your work. This is very important as I find it annoying to hunt for stuff or see it years later. I fave every work including my stocks.

:silentkitty: You can make your art including my stocks dA-prints and -stuff - no need to ask for permission. But it would be nice if you would inform me by a short comment or note - maybe I want to buy it?

Using my stocks outside dA & Commercial Use

:silentkitty: If you want to use /show your art including my stocks on other websites than dA (flickr, myspace, ...) - yes you can. Without further asking. But you have to do one thing: SHOW ME your work - no permission is given if I haven't seen it! I don't mind if you put the pic already on the website you want and send me a link to it - just make sure you show it to me.

:silentkitty: Furthermore you have to make sure to credit me with a link to my main page ( within the picture or in a description nearby. That includes school projects, competitions outside dA, etc. Give other people the chance to find the stocks you used.

:silentkitty: For commercial use of art including my stocks (other than dA prints and stuff) contact me and we can talk about that. Just have try - you'll get a "yes". The fastest way getting me is to write a note because I'm around almost every day. It would be great if you give me some informations as well:
:bulletblack: I like to think one or two days about commercial use before I decide. So if you need a fast answer please tell me in your note that it's urget.
:bulletblack: what the project is about (is it a book, a calendar, a ...)
:bulletblack: how many copies are planned
:bulletblack: where will it be published/sold
:bulletblack: in which way can credit be given
:bulletblack: is there any payment
:bulletred: My background stocks are for free - that means I don't want any payment if you use them commercially. Credits are fine but not necessary.
:bulletred: My model stocks have to get a credit no matter in which way. And for the payment: Honestly I don't want to make big money. I prefer getting a copy of the book /calendar /... if that is possible. Just tell me your options and we'll find a way. A point donation would work fine as well. :new: If there's a photographer mentioned I request 2 copies - one for me and one for them! :new:
:bulletred: In any case you need my written permission before you can your art including my stocks commercially!
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So, you said we can only use it with permission, but aren't allowed to ask for it? -I'm getting really confused out of this.