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Been watching a lot of tutorials, making ofs and speed art lately to improve my skills. I learned a few great new things by now and also saw I lot I new before. I don’t really know how to integrate al this stuff into my working progress. I mean if I watch thing on video, I always think „Oh I know that!“ But why can’t I remember while working on artwork? :? Crazy Disbelief  Somebody got an idea how to change that? :XD:


The idea for this is from those videos as well. Got a few more I really want to realize :eager: Hope you like it.






:bulletblack: :iconhermitcrabstock: houses (random order)… +… +… +… +…

 :bulletblack: :iconrowyestock: house…

:bulletblack: :icongerdelise: house…

:bulletblack: :icona1z2e3r: castle…

:bulletblack: :iconmaliciarosnoir-stock: castle…



:bulletblack: :icontogistock: puddles…

:bulletblack: :icondreamlikestock: road…

:bulletblack: :iconluda-stock: tracks…



:bulletblack: :iconamliel:… with…

:bulletblack: :iconfrozenstocks: sword…

:bulletblack: :iconelandria: torch…



:bulletblack: :iconarchistock: barrels…

:bulletblack: :iconmalleni-stock: cat…

:bulletblack: :iconjean52: cart…

:bulletblack: :iconfrozenstocks: fog brushes…

:bulletblack: :iconmanichysteriastock: sky…

:bulletblack: :iconxresch: water splash brushes…


:blackrose: Thanks for sharing! :blackrose:

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Great job my frienddddddd

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Thanks a lot my dear :aww::hug:

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Thank you very much for using again my stock. You're very welcome my friend !

I like the Assassin's Creed games and the atmosphere in each game.

I find this atmosphere in your work.

Also in games, it is better to do night missions.

Your work is very well done technically, it is even excellent.

Thank you for immersing us in this fantastic universe.

So I know the drawer of the first Assassin's Creed because I gone to the restaurant with him :

Have a nice day ! ;o)

Amliel's avatar

I tried to play the Assasssin's Creed games years ago but failed in the very beginning :XD:So I don't know if my work has anything from it :XD:

But I'm glad you like my work and I really really appreciate your kind and lovely words :heart:Thanks so much and hace a great day :hug:

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I really still learn new things even after all this time doing manips :XD:So lately I found a new way of cutting things out. It's not only way faster, no it also mostly looks so much better. And I was just like "Where have you been all my life?" :XD:

When I was a teen I was into drawing Manga figures and a friend gave my the advice to copy art from great mangaka (I mean copy like drawing the picture 1:1) to learn about proportions. I never got behind how you will learn anything if you copy things just 1:1. So if I watch tutorials and want to learn from them I always create an own idea, own picture with own stocks and just try to apply the tutorial to my own work. Mostly this works pretty well and - at least for me - I can say I learn something then.

But as I've written: I need to include this in my work flow for "ever" and not only for while watching this tutorial. Don't know how to change that :XD:(Maybe it's because my Zodiac sing is Pisces and we just *hate* changes no matter in which way :D)

Well anyway I'm glad you like this work :aww:And yes, I had a lot of fun because this really really turned out the way I wanted it to be. I'm proud of it because I really can say: This one is a master piece! And that's all that matters right? :aww:

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In drawing or painting many artists use references in both cases like in learning phase or like reference for many uses. This is extremely important! Probably your friend was talking about reference. Today is more easy because many photographer create apposite and specific resources....The most popular are for sure "body references"

@ I'm proud of it because I really can say

as i wrote, this is the part most important and essential....the engine of all!!! Then each user is completely free, for luck, to follow own path linked also in great part on own personal necessities....and this is another important aspect.;P

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No my friend really way like "Take Manga ABC, turn to page X and copy picture Y andZ". No reference, just coping. Maybe it help her, for me it was kind of frustrating and wasted time :(

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So well done! :dance:

Thanks again for using my brushes :tighthug:

Amliel's avatar

Thank you :aww:

I think it's not the last time that I use this brushes because they' re sooo useful in so many ways :heart:

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Awesome work! I really like it:heart:

Amliel's avatar

Thanks a lot :heart::hug:

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