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Just ended my major project and it's the start of the school break!
I'm so looking forward to taking more photos and making more
images. And I got my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 last month or so, and it has
been really great so far! Amazing sharpness wide open.
I'll be updating more stuff on my Flickr instead of DeviantArt.
So go on there and follow me!
I'll still be checking back here though once in awhile, to upload better photos here.
Just got it, and loving it.
The 50mm f/1.8 just rocks.
That's my new toy.
Got it at a awesome price of $59, second hand and in superb condition.
Will try more portrait photography, and put macro stuff on hold on the moment.
I have a new found interest in Macro photography.
I used to just look at those awesome macro pics, but never had I thought of delving into it myself. Now that I have, I am getting hooked. I observe every little insect on the ground,trees,bushes and undergrowth; trying to get a nice shot.

Thanks for those who had favourited and stuff, your support is very much appreciated.