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HI HELLO I've recently been lost in the sauce with a certain Cookie I'm offering a few slots of commissions where you can Cookie-ize your character! They're essentially stylized chibis with some cookie/candy elements, as shown below: Each of these slots is $20 and comes with a transparent .png (.psds/.clip files available on request!) A $5 charge may be added for overlarge weapons/large animal companions/basically something that would be the same size or bigger than the chibi in silhouette. Forms below, please contact me via Discord (AMItotic#5269)! If you can't use discord you may post here, I'm just much slower to check DA orz. Thank you for reading! COOKIE FORM: Character: (Please provide at least one visual reference! You can let me know also if you'd prefer I stick as close to that design or if you'd like me to add candy/cookie accessories at my discretion) Personality: (In 3-5 words, optional) BONUS QUESTION: If your character were a cookie what flavor would
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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my commissions! I open at random intervals as I have time between personal projects and what I offer may differ each time, so please check to make sure what you're looking for is still currently available! All inquiries may be sent directly to me via Discord (AMItotic#5269), added as a comment to this journal, or sent via Deviantart notes (in order of preference). Turnaround time is typically 1-2 weeks for quest art and 3-6 weeks for ML art (not including time spent in queue). Currently available slots: Quest Sketches: These will be quest-quality pieces, which means some colors/markings/accessories will be simplified, and any shading/background work will be simple. I can work with stygians, treatlings, and avatar forms! These will always satisfy the requirements for fullbody and colored/shaded bonuses, with extras as outlined: Single character: $30 Additional stygian/treatling (max 1): +30 Simple background: +10 Complex background:
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Hello! I'm looking to take some offers on the following stygian: Looking to trade for a design I might vibe with more--you can see examples of my liked stygian here: . Rarity need not match if it's a cute design! I will also consider premade treats (ghost, labyrinth, behemoth), Treat CYOs (ghost, labyrinth, behemoth), and possibly MYO/G-2 tickets or quest/ML art. They are trade only, so no cash offers/other CS please! Thank you for your time
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Thankyou kindly for the watch ^^
Hey! It's Morava, from Gaia, from a looooong time ago. xD I've been neglecting Deviantart, & pretty much everything, for a long time now.

I see you haven't uploaded anything since August last year, if I'm looking at this right... Hoping you're still at least lurking!
Hi there! Yeah, I've been a little's my senior year, and my school work is very time consuming. But yes, I still lurk from time to time, even if I haven't been hitting the tablet. <3