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Thank you for watching the new wall and door drawing in Marseille. Three more are available if you browse back in my gallery (i didn't knew then it would become a huge series). Those i uploaded until now belong to a single artist I will upload the second one later. I believe this series is going to grow, as none of these were available 3 weeks ago and there are still doors with nothing on them. so you are welcome to watch.
3 years I am posting my pictures online, some were published in books some in guide tourists books, some are used for CD covers, many are available as a photojournalism stories. 20,000 pictures has been taken and published in the past 2 years. more then 2 millions views all over the web.
I have used many of them as greeting cards after manipulating them, and recently i decided to open up am e-card center, a special system that will allow users fast and simple usage with my pictures.
its available for free at
As a street photographer urban art always interested me, and Marseilles the city i am living in has plenty of it, and wild. so I collected them and recently published the first book as a digital format (makes it really cheap !). The books deals with the Graffiti and Art of Wall Drawing in Marseilles. 350 amazing pictures.