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Sailor Moon and Sailor Scout Bow Tutorial

Ok, this can be used for ANY type of bow for ANY character..... but I've made more bows for Sailor Scouts than anything. lol

My friends have been asking me to make a tutorial on how I construct my bows for my costumes, so VOILA! A tutorial! ^____^

I don't think there are any errors but if you catch any let me know. lol I've been staring a this for so long. XD

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Yay. This looks great. Thanks for the tutorial. :D
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Hello! I'm using this tutorial for a human Monomi cosplay, barleytea's on tumblr (if you just search barleytea monomi it'll  be the first one that comes up in google. I can't link it here) in particular. I'm reaaaaally unsure how to do the bow since it's in two different colors! I was thinking of getting two halves (well, four because i'll need to make it for the back) of the bow pattern then sewing together and then doing the interfacing and stuff? would that work? (sorry if it looks like i just made this account to ask this but i have been meaning to make one for my photography for ages!) 
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Hi! Sorry about the delay! No worries! From the drawing I saw on google it looks like you have the right idea! 
I would cut out half the bow shape from pink and the other half from white then sew them together down the middle, then sandwich the interfacing between them and follow the rest of the steps. :) Same goes for the bow tails. 

I'd love to see your final result! Bows are tricky but you'll get the hang of it! Perhaps practice with scraps before using your good final fabric?
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OH MY GOSH i completely forgot to reply!! I used the tutorial with a bit of my own improv and it worked fine! i ended up stuffing the insides so it would look cute n puffy, and it did! on the day i was in a rush and my friend safety pinned it on to my back the wrong way around so there was the pink bow side on the white top side and vice versa. I forgot to pin the tops of the bow to my back so the bow was droopy. i hope to remake the whole costume one day though! 
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its so cool, but whats the mesurement for the tails,?
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it can be as long as you need. It depends how tall you are! Just measure to about half way down your thigh maybe?
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okay thank you, i shall try that but first i got to figure out how tall i am
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This could really help me out! ^^ Just one question: Would I be able to use this tutorial for Venus's hair bow?
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Absolutely! You'd just have to scale down the measurements accordingly! The rxact size depends on how big/small your head is!
I've made my hair bows using this method many many times! So you should have no issues! :)
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Sweet! Thanks a lot! ^^
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No problem! :D Best of luck!
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YAY!! <3 Now I can attempt to make bows like your mastership! :D
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haha aw shucks. :heart: yay! :3
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