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The green dragon

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Hello? Well this is one of the 7 dragon that had planned to make. For a game of draft roll, that I developed with my friends.
I hope you like
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Totaly Zacarias! Skywardsword25
Amazing work, sadly i lost all what i need to draw, what means, ideas and will of details. Any way to get it back?
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Hello! Forgiveness for slow to respond. How did you lose? You always have to find a way to find a way to draw, if that makes you happy. There is so much to do, encourage! Big hug!
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Only thing that makes me happy is : Day free from work/Pay day/or at least idea for anything.
Than again money are factor of life 
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Unfortunately, that's the way it is. hehe! This is how the world works. Although it is good, think only about what we like.
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I used to draw dragons a lot but tablet killed it, i'm getting back to traditional methods to actualy use hands *hamster is wiggling in my hand now* hammy is my trainer for fast respons of move XD
It's very effective <3
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 lOL!!....The traditional medium is beautiful.   Draw as before in acrylic or watercolor. Do not worry, you'll also go back to the tablet in a while. There is no need to stay with only one thing. You have to be in constant movement.
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like 8hours at work gave me any motivation to do art. XD
At least i got some money to servive and take care of hamster.
No wait, i did something today B)
Gonna upload it soon. keep eye open ;)
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lol!!cool! Show me!
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Add "drawing scary dragon forms to my list of projects to do" when I find the time to do it

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I have list to do too
To finish some drawings tho. I had like 5 but one made it out
Rip factured paper A4 ~5sheets
Worth it anyway.
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Thanks you!!! Greetings!!!
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np and greetings to you too :) (Smile) 
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Beautiful!!!!!  The detail and shading is amazing!!!!
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Thanks you!!! I glad you like it!!! Big hug!!!
I'm hoping to use your green dragon as a model for my tattoo, I assume this is okay as they would not be able to duplicate your actual work, just use it as a model.  I have been looking for the perfect dragon for a year for my tattoo...and yours is my favorite!
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Hello there! You have my permission to use my dragon. I'd love to see a photo then. Hug! Glad you like my art!
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Would it be okay for me to use your dragon as a model for a tattoo as well? I'd love to get a tattoo of this dragon wrapped around my arm! 
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 I glad you like it .You have my permission if I then samples a photo. Hug !!
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Hey there, I am using your image in my alternative cover for The Inheritance Cycle books. I hope that's okay
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Hi, sorry for delay in responding. That Book? It is a personal book?
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I love your green dragon. May I use it for a fantasy book I am writing? It will fit right in.
Thank you for your time.
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