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I am open for commission again, feel free to ask me what you want, I draw almost anything! check out my gallery… . Do send me a note, and remember, you have to be specific unless you want to leave it to my imagination. I have a problem with my paypal account so I decided to use WESTERN UNION for payment. I start to draw once payment was made. Guarantee cheapest!!

other service-
T Shirt design
motion graphic
promotional video
short animation
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Grand Theft Mario is heavily influence by music like daft punk, Kavinsky, duck sauce etc. I can't choose which one to use in my motion art video, they all damn good. And also can anyone suggest me what to draw next?? I am thinking about tribute to my childhood game hero, like Lara Croft, naked snake, Chris Redfield all in one shot, probably 5 to 6 character.

and I also want your opinion about my apparel line which I am excited about, do you like Grand Theft Mario merchandise ???? like T shirt, cap. It's not just GTM, I also do my original design. Aired up your opinion, I need to prepare thoroughly before starting this business, It's good if anyone want to join my little business, as I dont have any experience before. Let's not forget Recently The Disco Fries a DJ based in New York ask me to design their brand, which is potentially boost my career to another level. Thanks GOD!!

usually I don't share this much in DA, so XD
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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2013, 6:25 PM
I have lot of Idea what to create next, probably too much :P  Im about to release my motion art video probably next month, and I have to seriously looking for job now!!! I didnt appy one yet, becoz I am lazy as hell !! there is a lot of things I planning for a future, I probably doing my own apparel line, probably this year.

I loveee the new Tomb Raider game, by far the best in it franchise! the story  is just magnificent, I care for Lara more than any character that I ever played with, probably the best game of this year! I am curious where the story take her next. Thanks CD for making a great masterpiece!!

another thing that I am excited about this year

GTA V -  this is most ambitious game created by Rockstar, the map alone 4 times bigger than liberty city in GTA4!! I can't wait to get back in Los Santos and stealing car  

Metal Gear Solid Ground zeroes - I am Big fan of MGS series! when I see the gameplay I am amazed how fox engine has pushed the graphic boundaries for current console. But again I am more curious about Big Boss story! the only things that Im a little bit scared about this game that it may not been release at all because of it 'mature theme" Kojima says this game consist of a lot of taboo, I am guessing a child soldier maybe?

Metal Gear Solid V-… new IP? wait! did I just see volgin? naked snake?  yep Kojima is king of troll, nice one kojima.

Assassin Creed IV Black flag- Ubisoft didn't take a break aren't they? the AC trailer is cool as always. This  whole pirates thingy really hook me up, but im curious what happen in animus.

Resident Evil revelation- Finally this game ported for xbox 360! I am happy to play Jill once again. most people says this game way better than RE6, I enjoy RE6 but it not scary at all, it lost the original RE essence to it. capcom want to hear a feedback after releasing revelation, they probably might reboot the franchise. For me it doesn't matter, reboot or not, they have to make the game scarier and much more simple story telling like the old one. Now I less interested in RE story as it become more like gigantic action melodrama beast. I know reboot is such a hype now with a successful Tomb Raider reboot, and Devil may Cry. There is still a  hope to save this franchise.

PS4 and XBOX720- I am curious about this both console, 8 times more powerful than current gen??? Imagine how Lara Croft look in next gen console giving me chills!!!

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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 9:10 AM
First of all thanks for the supporter who fav, watch and comments my artworks :) I love you guys. And thanks to Deviantart  for featuring  my work  in official Deviantart  facebook page.

I've been experimenting with few Illustration style recently and it was quite fun, obviously. Now I am still working on the Grand Theft Mario project as well the Tomb Raider Reborn competition… . The stakes are high to be honest, I have to do my very best if I want to win, and I really really wanna win so badly. And I also will be busy as hell this month, thus decided to closed the commission, sorry for the inconvenience :( . Have a great day :D

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As I promised before, now I am officially open for commission. If you had any idea in mind and want me to draw for you now is the time :) . First you have to see this guide lines…
After you decide what you want send me a note :)

have a nice day :D :D !!!!!!!
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i dont know when , but sooner i will open for commission, will keep it updated later for more info.
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my bad habit is , when i start to draw then i feel bored by it i stopped..leave the artwork unfinished (usually artwork that has complicated background in it) . I love painting Environment stuff because i like to evoke the moment of certain era/times/mood, but it also need a lot of work too ( research is super important, as well as texture)... im still had a boat load of stuff to learn environmental painting... but desert is easy :D
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there is a few  work I've done in a company while i was in practical training.. i felt i was being cheated coz the company pay me a very low price for my allowance a month, its very inappropriate since i provide them such 100% commitment and when i ask my other friends that work in other company they truly shock how they paid me( lets just say its inappropriate) . I just want to stop so badly at that point but i cant..the lecturer give me like less than 1 week for an interview, if she told me earlier i might find a better place to do my internship.. I have no choice, i have no time to find anywhere else for an intern, and the time is running out as we only have like 3 months to complete an intern and after that straight starting our final project. I just dont know what to do so i decided to do my intern there..It's like 3 Months in hell, the company distance from my hostel is very far, its like 45 kilometers and the working atmosphere is suck... there is no much worker there coz its a very small company. I still remember she told me to use Adobe Illustrator to paint because if you do in Illustrator to matter how you zoom in it wont pixelate but she want the fucking a photoshop airbrush result! she is fucking MORON! Illustrator only can do a vector art!! then she argue with me that i dont have a much knowledge coz i was young, at that  point i just want to slap that bitch face.. On the final day she said u cannot keep this artwork coz it belong to company.,in my mind bullshit you damn f***er. She  so stupid to think i wont keep this for my self, beside i dont sell this to other or whatever.. i keep it as my portfolio purpose! that its not against the law or anything.. whenever i see this i see how much I've been dumb fooled by her...Shit! im so emotional rite now..then they called me to freelance there, hehe you know my answer..

I work professionally for you and you should pay a proper amount for you. Period
After all its an experience that i've been through, a big establish company wont do shitz like this lol, only the small one.. that's why they wont get 'BIG"
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Right now im focusing on my final project for my illustration course, as well to become more popular here in Deviantart, i guess..haha. im so inspired by professional work done by awesome artist here, its give me chills you know. I keep on learning and practice to become better artist, i watch tutorial on youtube, find a best brush and inspiration in here :D. Im realize that this year im improved a lot, especially digital illustration, i learn it about 8 months only, and now i think im great at this (my lecturer think like that also). So definitely for this final project i aint use any paper, hehe im going to use what im greatest at. I be more happy if my lecturer let me do a concept art for this final but she disapproval it :( shit!! nevermind im going to create a book illustration that look very much like a concept art, and i promise im going to make it explosive!! yeah!! so stay tune because im going to upload those in here, ow yeah :D
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I dont know why these few days i hate facebook soo much! people are fake! too dramatic! i dont want to know what your doing!!! too emational now........i dont know why..but when i went to deviantart im feel happier, people keep liking my artworks.. it make me smile :) . thanks a lot for those l;iking my artwork especially tomb raider fans.. i love you soo much..
honestly im pretty boring with figure.My lecturer keep giving me assignment about figures, i mean, come on! i wanna do somethin else...Right now im practicing my skill in digital art...i love digital landscape, and off course its not easy job to do...i will upload my digital landscape soon..
i am newbie here..i wish i can make a lot of friends here and share common interest :) .