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XP Help and Support Mod - Make XP Help and Support (H&S) application look like the Windows Help and Support in Vista or Windows 7 (the GUI style only)...For XP SP3 All Versions (Pro, Home, MCE 2005, Tablet PC 2005, OEM, Corporate, Retail...):

Actually this is not just a skin but really a resource-based skin (with patched application files)!

Updated: About how i created this mod: I was originally inspired by my friend Picassa243 first : [link] - credits to him and Microsoft for original code, yeah since his own work is actually the first mod for XP Help and Support Application on Deviantart, great job Bro, also sorry i should write this first above before the main content anyways. Thanks for the good idea and still missing you here bro... :)

And also thanks to PeterRollar [link] and [link] for his help, support, and permission for some of his help and support (mod) resources and code. And to Deviantart, WinMatrix, Wincert, Vishal Gupta and my other beloved forums as well for i.e. for some info about Windows customization, tweaking, and programming / reverse engineering etc...

"Get Vista / Windows 7 like Help and Support Application on Windows XP (H&S Resource Skin)."

(Updated-alittle with afew changes - icons and text tooltip etc - Final...)

Again there's no any original functionality/feature removed/disabled, as the screenshot i.e. you can see that the toolbar may look simpler/has fewer buttons (e.g. Back and Forward, H&S Home, Browse Help...) than original XP's Help app just like Vista/Windows 7's. This can be achieved just by simply reconfiguring the toolbar (in simple mode setting) by yourself later just to make it look like Vista / Windows 7's Help and Support app without i.e. removing (tampering) any control button and functionality in the original code and resource...

Special thanks to my friend PeterRollar - from Deviantart & WinMatrix for his help and some resource contribution...

Download Content (compressed/zipped) :

- File Name :
(original name : XP Help and Support

- File Content : Some patched exe and dlls with images, .htm, and .xml code replacements all in "pchealth" folder (from XP SP3 Help and Support app directory: %WinDir%\pchealth) + easy instructions for installation (txt file) etc.

- File Size : 830 Kb only

- MD5 Checksum : f3d521cfebab96e6b2126cfc85fe9d49

Created especially for personal or non-commercial use and customization purposes only. All related binaries code are originally copyrights of Microsoft or respective 3rd party partners. The work is provided "as-is", without any warranty...

Note: You're free and 100% allowed to use and modify any of my own works here for any free & good purpose as you want without any permission from me, but please still make it always available for free for people then and also do give credits at least to the first original sources and or contributors (code or ideas) of the work if available (e.g. Microsoft, Picassa243 etc), cheers!


:) Hello everybody, this is actually one of some of my "old creations" for Windows XP that i originally planned to release to public on Deviantart about one year ago hehe seriously lol...just got the opportunity to submit it in the age of Windows 7 nowadays, yeah with some "little improvements" (updated) now hehe) :p ...Originally inspired by my friend Picassa243 : [link] - thanks for the good idea and still missing you here bro...

Well, it will change some GUI elements of XP Help and Support applications such as icons and toolbar icons, images, text, searchbar, tooltip/infotip etc just like Vista or Windows 7 version (e.g. "Windows Help and Support" on the title bar and taskbar instead of "Help and Support Center" and so on, as you can see the preview/screenshot above...). At least it would also make the XP Help and Support application look fresh/updated and better than the old standard one imho...

Note the color itself is also depending on XP theme engine and visual style (for example i used black VistaXP theme in the screenshot btw), furthermore it still can be customized on some features though, e.g. just like editing some images resources, xml and html code, scripts etc by yourself since the application just uses embedded html controls in the GUI window (i.e. just like IE as OLE/COM objects) i think...Anyhow you can also read the included note for other/further info, instructions for installing etc...

I have also noticed that the XP Help and Support application did not even get attention (not patched/skinned, except only for e.g. the help logo on start menu) from most well-known XP transformation packs so far (including even Vista Transformation Pack, Vistamizer, Bricopack Inspirate etc), even though it's still one of some important Microsoft Windows native applications that you may need to open sometimes or even frequently...

As already tested by me in both real PC and VM before, it works on Windows XP SP3 English all versions as well: XP Pro, Home, Tablet PC 2005, and MCE 2005, also retail, corporate, and OEM version, all without any problem so far. No original functionality is removed/disabled. Since all the files were originally extracted from Windows XP SP3 installation, then it's strongly recommended to use the Help and Support Mod on XP SP3 only too of course (should be no problem since most of XP users already have SP3 installed nowadays)...

Finally i hope that it would still be useful for people especially XP users here. Again sorry for my bad English hehe anyway thanks for your attention, cheerz and cya, and still "Long Live XP"!... :)


Offtopic: "Bonus": Especially for Windows XP and Server 2003 users only here -> You can visit these links below to transform XP to Vista or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and functionality as well (recommended), yeah especially since XP can still do anything as well as Vista and even Windows 7, just with some easy tweaks and help from free third party applications and so on...:

1. "List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications for Windows XP" (WinMatrix): [link]

2. "List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications for Windows XP" (Wincert): [link]

3. "Windows 7 Applications, Tools, and Features for XP": [link]

i.e. for example of the implementation you can also see a screenshot of my "XP Ultimate" desktop here [link] - fully updated, enhanced, and customized/modded/skinned as well, it has almost all of Vista and Windows 7 features and applications, in both GUI and functionality etc....

So Welcome Windows 7, Be Good Vista, and Long Live XP (XP will still be officially supported until 2014 by Microsoft, only for security and critical updates though. Still great and thanks to M$ for that anyway)...

Anyway good luck and cya... :)
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