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Vista or 7 Skin for Xp MCE




Vista or Windows 7 Media Center Skin for Xp MCE 2005 and Windows Media Center in XP Pro and Home (Non MCE) :

(Updated) Make XP MCE 2005 GUI look like Windows Media Center application in Vista or Windows 7 as well...Please read all the text below first carefully before downloading...

Actually this is not just a skin but really a resource-based skin (with patched application files)!

Content of Downloaded File: Vista or Windows 7 GUI skin for XP MCE 2005 OS SP2/SP3 with update Rollup 2 for MCE (Windows Media Center application). Note since XP SP3 didn't include update rollup 2 or higher for MCE 2005, which you can get them as separate downloads/updates from Microsoft. The skin pack has included some patched MCE files/resources with instructions/guide to apply (simple and easy) all with the size about 9.5 MB only (zipped/compressed).

- For XP MCE 2005 Users: This is not actually not just a "skin" like WMP/Winamp skins, but really a resource! It contains some patched MCE binary files (e.g. ehres.dll, ehshell.exe, etc) to make XP Media Center (from XP MCE 2005 OS) look like Vista or Windows 7 Media Center (Vista / 7 GUI). There's no any special skill/programming to apply the skin successfully, but just read and follow the easy instructions/guide carefully that was already included in each of downloaded simple and easy to do...
Although the skin is only for MCE with version number 5.1.2715.3011 (latest) from XP MCE 2005, but for other MCE version e.g. 5.1.2715.2883 you can still download the skin for that lower version from another link below (it's still better to upgrade it to the higher / latest version as above though, anyway), or just visit the original threads on WinMatrix [link] or Wincert [link] for i.e. possibility for more other versions, info, updates, supports, etc...
Note: You can check which is your MCE version number you're running only by opening Media Center inside "Software Version Page" in Media Center 2005: Settings > General > About Media Center > Software Version. It's not same with the Windows OS version (some info i.e. OS / Applications name, major & minor version numbers, Service Packs/RTM if available, etc...) which you can just check it on e.g System Properties or Help menu (Btw just FYI to open "About Windows" dialog box on any Windows OS (98 or higher as far as i know): Run > type "winver" without quotes > Enter).

- For Windows XP Pro/Home/2003/Tablet PC Users: Beside the Vista / 7 skin that is for only XP MCE 2005 OS, please don't be dissappointed, as XP Pro/Home users you guys can also have the original MS Windows Media Center application installed on XP Pro/Home easily with same Vista / 7 skin as port since there is also a quick Windows Media Center application installer for XP Pro/Home or non MCE 2005 OS below (read the download link below, with completely the same MCE skin as well) ported to XP non MCE too (XP Pro, Home, Tablet PC, also Server 2003) for free (as a quick installer version)...It's using i.e. internal API function call redirection (reversed/hacked) instead of usual way to convert XP Non MCE to XP MCE by using OS recognition in registry hive out of its own code so it's not necessary/ it won't change your own OS (e.g XP Pro or Home) to real XP MCE 2005 only for Windows Media Center application installed, but just use my created MCE installer as software application based, not OS/shell based. It's also included the same Vista / 7 MCE skin above as well
Note: please do not ever use this MCE installer for XP Pro/Home on a real XP MCE 2005 OS, or else your system will be messed up...).


> IMPORTANT NOTE: For More Options, Versions (Updates), Alternatives, Info, and Download Links for Vista / 7 Skins for XP MCE (for the MCE versions), MCE Installer with Skin (Windows Media Center installer for XP Pro / Home + Same Vista / 7 Skin), Tutorials and So On Etc, Please Read Below :

More options / links to download skin of Windows Media Center Skin for XP MCE 2005 (for some latest MCE builds/versions: 5.1.2715.2883 - 5.1.2715.3011, with update rollup 2) above & Windows Media Center Installer + Some Info & Other Related Links Etc are Below...:

(Please read this all carefully, thanks) Updated: Vista / Windows 7 Media Center Skin For Xp MCE 2005 (Skin / GUI Resource for Windows Media Center Application), yea to make XP MCE look like Vista / Windows 7 Media Center. Please read and follow the instructions carefully, i.e. if your MCE has different version from here please check/download the other / right version if available here and also visit the links that i gave below here e.g. [link] for more necessary info and guides etc. Oh btw sorry if this is written too long and also for my bad English lol hehe :D ...

Created especially for personal or non-commercial use and customization purposes only. All related binaries code are originally copyrights of Microsoft or respective 3rd party partners. The work is provided "as-is", without any warranty...

For more info etc you can also visit [link] or [link] .


- Updated Vista Media Center Skin For Xp MCE 2005 (Windows Media Center application on XP MCE 2005, with Update Rollup2 / latest, please check your MCE version before downloading and applying either of these skins here):

- Download Vista Skin For Xp MCE 2005 (Build 5.1.2715.2883):

- Download Vista Skin For Xp MCE 2005 (For Latest MCE Build 5.1.2715.3011):

(Important: Please check your MCE Build/Version Number before using the skin)...

- Windows Media Center Installer -> Only for XP Pro, Home, Tablet PC, and Server 2003 users (with patched ehshell.exe binary and some MCE files instead of changing the OS + same MCE skin above included) :
If you don't have Windows Xp MCE 2005 OS (XP Media Center Edition 2005) installed, then please don't worry, you can still download, install, and run Windows Media Center with the Vista / 7 Skin using this Installer on Xp Pro, Home, Tablet PC without converting/changing the OS, just download it from here: [link]


- Again, the installer has included the same Vista / 7 skin for Windows Media Center application as above.
- Some minor "false positive/false alarm" may happen to the packed exe installer although it's actually clean and safe.
- If you really want/seriously to build real Media Center PC system, then it's still recommended to use the real/original XP MCE 2005 OS (or Vista/7 instead) that was actually originally designed and optimized for the Media Center system anyways rather than just using the MCE installer, or alternatively if you don't have XP MCE 2005 OS at least you can still convert your XP Pro/Home to real XP MCE 2005 for free using some MCE and Tablet PC conversion packs from some links below (please read below)


Other Alternative Ways to Get Windows Media Center in XP Pro or Home (Complete, please read below):

- Convert XP Pro, Home, Tablet PC, Server 2003 to XP MCE 2005 or XP Tablet PC 2005 OS:

- Alternatively, other download links here, just to 100% change/convert "Normal" Windows Xp (Pro, Home) to either/both MCE 2005 and/or Tablet PC 2005 OS! (Integrating both of them into XP Pro/Home etc was often called "Xp Ultimate Edition" (was a classic famous project for Windows XP, originally from Rafael and MSFN [link] , or just google), with both of them installed into only one Xp OS just like Vista / Windows 7 with Windows Media Center and Tablet PC applications/features e.g Windows Journal, TIP, Inkball, Sticky Notes). Your OS will always get special updates for MCE and Tablet PC from Microsoft just like the original ones, and don't worry it doesn't affect WGA at all (still genuine/WGA passed), no new license needed, no features removed, and without clean install:

1. Convert Xp Pro, Home to Xp MCE 2005 Transformation Pack:

(Then you can also use the same Vista / Windows 7 MCE Skin for MCE 2005 as above)

Then if you also want to get Tablet PC features, here you go:

2. Convert Xp Pro, Home to Xp Tablet PC 2005 Transformation Pack:

(Then you can also use Vista Pack for Xp Tablet PC 2005 Applications to make the apps (Journal, Inkball, etc) look alike "Vistaized" alittle (Optional): [link] or
Download the icons only (use Resource Hacker): [link]

3. Some Mirrors + More other stuffs for Tablet PC and MCE applications on Windows XP etc:
[link] , [link] , and (All): [link] .

^ Again, you can convert XP to XP MCE 2005 only or even both of MCE 2005 and Tablet PC 2005. It's safe to convert an XP Pro/Home into both XP MCE 2005 and XP Tablet PC 2005 (again it was often called "XP Ultimate Edition" again).


- Again, For More info, guides etc about Converting XP Pro or Home to XP MCE 2005 etc (Important / Recommended!):

Please also visit these related topics for more info, download links, tweaks, etc about Windows Media Center on Xp like Vista / Windows 7:

- How to customize/create Vista style skin for XP MCE 2005 (The Windows Media Center / MCE application) etc:

WinMatrix: [link]

Wincert link: [link]


^^ Well, since Windows 7 Media Center GUI still looks nearly similar with Vista (except i.e for the "front page" alittle, only that), so this one is also for Windows 7 skin on XP MCE, also i will still try to create a new better skin/update the one in the future...
Well, unlike other MCE skins so far, this one will change almost of all media center features just to be like Vista / Windows 7 Media Center (Icons, GUI, infotip, splash, overlay background, file association and so on). Although it's still not perfect yet. I have also patched ehshell.exe, ehui.dll, and ehdrop.dll (full) beside ehres.dll. Special thanks to Rafael Rivera for his awesome "hacking" (reverse engineering) guide and also my good friend Ricktendo64 for his kind permission so i can use some of his MCE skin resources. Oh sorry forgot, using MyThemesStudio app ([link]) for MediaCenter GUI/res editor and template theme. Thanks alot to N1K (Wincert) for providing FTP server (in Wincert forum only) [link] ), and also my good friend Kyosan on WinMatrix who inspired me. :D

Thanks for your attention and patience everybody, good luck anyway and enjoy... :)


- Some Other Recommended Links to Visit:

PS: -> (Very Recommended for all Xp and 2003 users!): To get more stuffs, tweaks, guides etc for Windows XP to Vista or Windows 7 transformation, please also visit some of my threads in WinMatrix and Wincert forums :

- "List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications, Tools, and Features for XP and Server 2003" on WinMatrix:

and "Windows 7 Applications, Tools, and Features for Windows XP":

- "List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications, Tools, and Features for XP" (Wincert link):

- Please also visit my 4shared page to find and download many cool free applications etc especially for XP to Vista / Windows 7 transformations, all for free:

- Another Great Alternative for Windows 7 MCE Skin in XP MCE 2005 (by my good friend Ricktendo64 - Wincert):

- Recently the latest-updated one from our friend Ricktendo64 [link] again (thanks & really a great work as always bro): Get "XP Media Center 2010" on XP MCE 2005 (Windows 7 style skin resource for Media Center application in XP MCE 2005 OS):

Finally, i'd like to say "Long Live Windows XP" here, anyway it's still the greatest OS i can't live without [link] , always, lol seriously so far! Have a great day, good luck and cya... :bounce:


Note: You're free and 100% allowed to use and modify any of my own works here for any free & good purpose as you want without any permission from me, but please still make it always available for free for people then and also do give credits at least to the first original sources and or contributors (code or ideas) of the work if available (e.g. Microsoft, Picassa243 etc), cheers!


Offtopic: "Bonus": Especially for Windows XP and Server 2003 users only here -> You can visit these links below to transform XP to Vista or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and functionality as well (recommended), yeah especially since XP can still do anything as well as Vista and even Windows 7, just with some easy tweaks and help from free third party applications and so on...:

1. "List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications for Windows XP" (WinMatrix): [link]

2. "List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications for Windows XP" (Wincert): [link]

3. "Windows 7 Applications, Tools, and Features for XP": [link]

i.e. for example of the implementation you can also see a screenshot of my "XP Ultimate" desktop here [link] - fully updated, enhanced, and customized/modded/skinned as well, it has almost all of Vista and Windows 7 features and applications, in both GUI and functionality etc....

So Welcome Windows 7, Be Good Vista, and Long Live XP (XP will still be officially supported until 2014 by Microsoft, only for security and critical updates though. Still great and thanks to M$ for that anyway)...

Anyway good luck and cya... :)
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