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Hibernate Screen on XP



Get XP "Ultimate" Hibernate Screen with new Vista/Windows 7 flag style (that replaces the old "boring" XP flag) for Windows XP (all editions: Pro, Home, MCE, Tablet PC, Embedded, N, Starter, also especially with SP3), while it also comes with Boot Screen that has same style too...

(The preview image here also has 16 colors format just like the original bitmap resources and display, also please note since it was uploaded directly from the original bitmap resource, the size of preview image itself is cut off and won't show the whole/actual hibernate screen on the display. It's 16 colors, so the preview may look rather blurry here...)

Personally i'd like to use this with my most favourite theme for XP "VistaXP" by Kol [link] preview: [link] looks so matching for me...

NOTE: If you have already visited my another deviation "XP Boot Screen + Vista 7 Flag" [link] and already downloaded the file from there before, then you don't need to download this again, as they are different topics with same uploaded file.


:) Hello everybody, well (after long time lol) here is my own created hibernate screen (resource and patched files) for Windows XP (all editions: Pro, Home, MCE, Tablet PC, Embedded, N, Starter, also especially with SP3) with new Vista and Windows 7 flag instead of the old XP one as you can see the image preview above, it may look so simple and minimalistic but anyway still good/matching with Vista/7 style on XP and seems better than original (thanks Ricktendo). It comes completely with the boot screen with same look as the image preview above (with new Vista/7 flag too). You can also do the same way to change e.g. Windows Server 2003 boot and hibernate screens as well.

- My Created Bitmap Resources of Bootscreen and Hibernate Screens for ntoskrnl.exe (to replace the original ones)
- Patched ntoskrnl.exe file originally from XP SP3 with version 5.1.2600.5755 (xpsp_sp3_gdr.090206-1234) (renamed to TUKernel.exe)
- Tuneup Utilities version for the bootscreen (.tbs format)
- Preview
- Simple Instruction to apply both hibernate and boot screens in XP - Read Me file and link for related tutorial
- You may also need Resource Hacker and Replacer (freewares, download links included)

It's so common to change boot screen in Windows XP nowadays i.e. by hacking original ntoskrnl.exe bitmap resource using Resource Hacker/Editor or using some "safer" 3rd party applications such as Stardock BootSkin [link] , TuneUp Utilities (Styler) [link] etc, but not hibernate screen too bad, so far i never found that applications and tutorials like how to change XP hibernate screen on internet and even Deviantart, although there are many XP users who also love desktop customization while still prefer to use hibernate feature rather than turning off their computers at home and offices, and there are still some of them i guess who would like to change the hibernate screen as well as boot screen so it won't look "boring" anymore with old XP flag. Here is one of some best totorials to change/replace the old "boring" XP bootscreen manually with your own using Adobe Photoshop Resource Hacker: [link] (basically you can also use the same way to change the hibernate screen) The bitmap resources of both boot and hibernate screens are in a same file (ntoskrnl.exe) but with different number (Boot Screen: "Bitmap" - "1" -"1033"; 640x480 pixels, 72 dpi, 4 Bit /16 Colours. Size < 150 Kb -> whole part of the screen, while Hibernate Screen: "Bitmap" - "5" -"1033"; ; 215x147 pixels, 72 dpi, 4 Bit /16 Colours. Size < 8,8 Kb -> smaller part of the screen, read me included for more info).

So i've just created my own hibernate screen for XP with new Vista/Windows 7 flag (see the preview above), it has also boot screen with same style as preview above, included bitmap resources, patched ntoskrnl.exe, Reshack and Replacer with Read Me-simple guide file etc for the purpose. Since ntoskrnl.exe is a critical Windows system file which may need "special treatment" lol, then you may still need to do some little work carefully to apply them on your XP such as patching and replacing the files and so on, instruction/guide included.

My another related deviation: "Hibernate Screen on XP": [link]


Just Added Here: Btw if you also want to change XP BootScreen, Hibernate Screen, and also Logon Screen with my creation "Vista-XP" or "XP Ultimate" style above completely: [link]

Btw why it's called/named to "VistaXP" hibernate and bootscreens? Yeah personally i'd love to use it with some Vista/7 style VS/theme on XP e.g. my most favorite VistaXP by Kol, so look matching for me [link] , so i just called it "VistaXP" hibernate screen too to honour him and his work if not mind thanks i don't know another better name hehe sorry, it's also because the new XP hibernate and boot screens have new Vista/7 flag inside it, anyway you can call and rename it whatever lol, it's just a Vista like style. Again just to share it here for free, sorry for my bad English, please enjoy and cheers, and always say long live XP!... :)
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Great work and very informative as ever!