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So... I really need to improve my portrait drawing skills and I've decided to push myself the next several months to do so. For this, one of my self given challenges is to do 100 free portraits to whoever wants one. :)

Rules to apply:

1. No rules, just tell me you want a portrait (in the comments or by sending me a message)
2. Optional:
a. add me to your watch list (would really appreciate it).
b. tell others about this.
c. like/follow my sister's page on facebook/twitter. Trust me, you will thank me for this, she does the most amazing things: [link] [link]


1. My plan is to do 100 portraits. The rule is 'first come first served' for the first 50 people. The other 50 people will be chosen if the requests are greater than 100.
2. I will draw the portraits in my spare time. I will try to my best to finish all of them in a 2 month period, but if I pass this deadline please be patient and understand I have other paying commissions to work on. As much as I don't like it, I do have to make a living. :)
3. You will need to provide me a good photograph for reference. It must be of reasonable quality and size and should put accent on the face. :)
4. I will take the liberty to reject a photo for some other reasons as well (e.g.: it was made with the flash light and it ruined all the volume of your face), so it is probably better to send me a bunch of photos so I can choose from.
5. I will take the liberty to decide on the style I will draw the portraits (b/w, in color, rough sketch, detailed, watercolor etc). Remember, I am doing this for free to improve me skills, so please accept this.
6. I can reject someone (if they are rude somehow or for some other reason).
7. If I'll make you look like you just had indigestion and the nurses sedated you with the wrong kind of drugs while you still had your aloe mask on from the night before and your hair looks like it's been through some rough chemo sessions the last couple of months... please don't get too upset. :D I am doing this for study but I promise I will do my best.
8. If you have suggestions, please feel free to tell them. I will consider them. e.g.: to add a funny hat, make you look like a zombie, add vampire teeth, crocked teeth, make you a werewolf (because who wouldn't want to have crocked teeth and hair all over their face?!?).
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i see, it back to april... so for sure to late...
pitty... like your works