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my first makeup tutorial

I made my first makeup tutorial.
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oh my gosh! bh!
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Oh my god! I have the same foundation!
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Really cool. Thanks for making it!
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I didn't follow this.
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whats on your hand? just wondering
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cool! whats henna??
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OH THATS WHAT IT IS!! cool thx dude
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Which glitter did you use? I like Fantasy Makers a LOT.
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I use nix eyeshadow from more glow
StinkyFootFetish's avatar
That's very pretty! I want to go wear it right now, lol... :P

BTW Is that a coastal scents palette?
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thank you. No this is Manly palette. but I guess they make it in same factory
StinkyFootFetish's avatar
Yeah, becuase they look a lot alike. Anyways thanks for the artwork!
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS! I'm serious, I may be 22...but I have NO IDEA how to do makeup. And with possible job interviews coming up, I really needed this! Thank you!! :D
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oooh thts the bh cosmetics pallet! i hav tht~!! :D thanks this tutorial is extremely helpful!
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thank you. I'm glad you like it ;)
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from where u have that palette with eyeshadows/ ^_~ ?
amirajuli's avatar
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I have that same palette! I swears!! Cheapo, but highly-pigmented one from China purchased through Ebay, right? :P
amirajuli's avatar
yep. i really like it. i have all this kind of palletes. all is great!
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I've heard of this pallete!
They say it's wonderful, but the only downside is the colors are very fragile.
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Love it :]
Do you know where I can get an eyeshadow set like that?
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