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So, sorry I haven't updated for a while. The reason is because basically, I've given up on hope. It's been a long time that I've been trying to deny it, but I can't anymore. I've been screwed and my health problems are only going to get marginally better at best. Many of the things I want most, like having the ability to work more than a smidgen, listen to music more than a very small amount, to have a relationship again... are just probably not going to happen. And that is an effing *brutal* thing to have to accept. I have to find some way to enjoy life despite my predicament, but... honestly, I don't know how to with how little I'm capable of and how I have to fight against blockades and difficulty almost every step of the way for even simple tasks.

I was also still holding onto some hope that somehow, through one of my projects I could crawl my way out of poverty. But though people like my stuff, I just can't work enough each day to succeed. Maybe someday my novels will become popular, but the first of them is still a ways away - which that was another component of my emotional breakdown because I've hit that awful place in writing novels where it gets incredibly hard. Every time I think I've worked out the logic of it all, like the magic system and the character arcs, I keep on finding more logical errors I hadn't noticed that break large chunks of the whole effing book, and after a while of that it's felt incredibly discouraging, like I've just been spinning my wheels making no progress at all despite the fact that I know my book keeps making more sense with every problem I fix. Holy *crap* does it amaze me that there are so many novels out there, because writing one can be flipping difficult! Plot holes are a major pet peeve of mine, but I understand why so many stories have them now.

Yet another part of what contributed to the emotional breakdown was recognizing that I've plateaued with my drawing skill with my left hand, which is infuriating. Drawing to me is like dancing, but I can't dance when I can't even draw a straight line at most angles. I'm fighting with my own clumsiness the whole way and it's just difficult. A battle. Which is exhausting.

So yeah... all of this stuff collapsed on me at once and I've been struggling to pick myself back up from it for a couple months. :(

I'm just tired, and my mental health needs tending to because it's gotten to the point where I can barely even get started working anymore each time I try to. I've been using distraction as a coping mechanism almost every waking minute for years, so it's not surprising that I have some work to do on the mental health front.

There is some good news, though. I've become able to do a very small amount of drawing with my right hand again, but it's so little all I can safely manage is to whip out quick sketches that I clean up with my left hand. There've been a few panels I sketched with my right hand here and there mixed in the previous few updates, but I didn't want to say anything about it until I'd managed it for a while.

Regardless, it's an improvement... but still marginal.

I need to rethink my process, stop using the hope of financial success as motivation and just enjoy the process, enjoy creating. And take care of the other things that need doing too.

As such, I'm taking some time off working on art for a while. I don't know how long it'll be. But I'll keep trying. Because my creative projects are some of the only things I have left that have any meaning or bring me happiness anymore, so I'll fight to regain my ability to work on them.

Thanks and I'll get back to it as soon as I can manage.
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jaymontano Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019
Dude, I know it may not mean much coming from a mere guy you don't know, on an anonymous platform, let alone months late in response, but even still...

I'd like you to know that the first time I had the *pleasure* of discovering your work, Kyoshi: The Undiscovered Avatar, not only did I find myself unable to put the computer away or the phone down, but I distinctly recall the fantastic experience I - and many others obviously - had. For me, it was everything that captivated me - the unique, attractive art style, the cohesive and compelling storyline and much though given to writing (I could immediately tell), and most of all, the same passion you clearly had for the original series that showed in the quality of your work. I hope you know how much you are worth, because someone like you is irreplaceable. What you have done has also inspired my creative process (I've been developing a single concept for a few years now, mostly world-building and character development - I will not approach the narrative until I feel it is time). For me, while aspects of the creation like writing animals, politics, geography and history are doable currently, I think I do not have enough experience with authoring books to begin on a project I've been developing since I was 18 years old. It's weird, as seeing you sort of stumble reminds me of how truly difficult the writing process can be - technically and creatively - and it is because of this that I can really appreciate the strife you have had to endure to, simultaneously, provide us readers with something special.

As I said, I know it's super late, dude, but I hope anything I said manages to reach your ear (and heart), anyway. You deserve a trophy.
Amirai Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019
...Thank you. It’s been so hard. T-T

I’ve been trying to think of something else to say but all I can come up with is just that I really appreciate all the kind words so much. It means a lot to know my work has been loved and inspiring people, even in the limited amounts I’ve been able to manage.
GaladrielStar Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
I happened across your Twitter profile and it led me here. I just want to encourage you to keep going. Don't give up if it's hard - trust that you'll get better with practice, and be willing to make this a journey. It's ok if you don't have it all figured out right now. Trust yourself, your hard work, your passion for art and story.

All the best to you!
Eclo Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018
I'm sorry to see that you aren't doing well dude. I hope things get better for you soon.
thecatteam Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
Despite what you might think not everything has to be perfect in a novel, especially your first one! Have you shown parts of it to other people yet? They might not even notice inconsistencies.
Ragnaroke8 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
Tu puedes, ten buen ánimo. Tu trabajo no lo ven sólo en lugares angloparlantes. Your work gets all around the globe. Ánimos desde sudamérica!!!
tehwatcher Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
1st you can do it

2nd i know the path ahead is not a easy one but you can find the soulution

2md and i hope you will b ok and let not this trials birng you down for after it all past you will see your self as wo you dream just take it one step a time
WrenWind Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Please hang in there--your emotional and physical health are much more important than a comic. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to fight against chronic health issues. I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but the fact that you are making progress (no matter how small that progress feels) is an accomplishment. Things WILL get better. Please don't lose hope.
TeacherBear Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
Depression is the WORST!!!!!  It can suck the life out of you.  I've been fighting it for years.

One thing that my current psychologist recommended that I do is genetic testing for medications.  After getting the results, I found out that a majority of the medications I had been prescribed did not work with my body chemistry.  It really opened up my eyes!  While I'm still trying to find a balance in my mental health with medication, I feel like I'm not being thrown whatever's on the market to see if it makes my brain work only to be disappointed and depressed all over again.  Having direction has given me some comfort.
thanotosomega Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Please take care of yourself, i know it means little coming from some stranger on the internet, but you are a very special thing, a sentient being and those are the most precious and rare resource the universe can ever know, so you take all the time you need and get to a place that makes you happy, or at least one where coping is tolerable, the universe waited billions of years for you to come along and make it a better palce, we can wait months or years for you to feel up to drawing again,
Amirai Featured By Owner Edited Oct 30, 2018
Thanks. I really appreciate your words, kind stranger from the internet. :)
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