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I've come to realize that lately Sunday is the day I just sit down and relax. I didn't get a chance to do much of that yesterday, so it feels like my week is kinda messed up. But it's still summer. I could relax today, but it just seems to go against my schedule. Mondays are somewhat busy. Tuesdays are lazy. Wednesdays are really busy. Thursdays are lazy. Fridays are a mix. Saturdays are usually a mix. And Sunday's for relaxing. Other days lazy still feels kinda like busy. It feels like I have to be lazy and play games on Monday. It just doesn't occur to me to relax.

The thing that sets Sunday apart from the lazy days, as I mentioned earlier, is that I feel inclined to stay on the computer all day. Sunday just feels relaxing. After church, anything goes! But I mainly use that day to be calm.

It's just perspective. Some people are bound to a schedule. Some make it up on a whim.  It's human nature and we don't really think about it. ...In case you haven't guessed, I'm feeling rather philosophical. (Thank you, spell-check!) 

Just things to think about.
  • Listening to: The fan. The living room is a nice place to write!
  • Reading: The title of the book my mom is reading.
  • Watching: 's followers go
  • Playing: The check-my-email game. :/
  • Eating: Roast beef in a roll earlier.
  • Drinking: Lungfuls of sweet, sweet air.
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Submitted on
August 19, 2013