Philosophy Ramble: Maturity

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I'm going to take a little bit to be philsophical, since no one looks at my DeviantART page, this is just another way for me to write to myself.

So, every time I write something down, trying to sound professional, or like an adult, or whatever, it usually seems fine when I first type it. Then I come back to it a few months later and wonder what I was thinking. Eventually, I'm bound to look back it this post and think, "Wow, did I really act like that?" Already I look back at what I've written so far, and it seems silly!

Maybe maturity is all in the mind. At the age of 6 or something, I took myself very seriously! Now I think I acted childish when I was a 6 year old(well, I was 6, so why wouldn't I be?).  I take this philisophical ramble I'm writing at the moment seriously, but later, as I mentioned, I'm probably going to think it's crazy.

When do you "achieve" maturity, really? In some cases, I bet if an adult did something, you wouldn't bat an eye. But if a kid did it, well...

Do adults consider themselves grown up, and at what stage? Does it even matter?

I probably won't be able to answer these questions for a while. So if there is anyone reading this, do you have any idea? Just take a minute and try to ponder this.

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