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I desperately wanted the title to have alliteration, but this is the best I could do. Sorry. :P Now, on with the journal!

So, a long time ago, okay, maybe a few years back, not sure when, I played this game called "Toontown." It's an MMO for kids basically. Made by Disney.

I loved this game when I was younger. I mean like it was the only computer game I played. Not that I knew any others... And yesterday I found out it was shutting down.

Now, I haven't been a fan of the game for years. I found a bunch of other games and eventually got to Steam and Minecraft and other stuff. But it feels rather weird to see it closing. It's like I don't really want to play on it, but I don't want to see it close.

So I played the game for old times' sake. Memberships are free since the game is ending. It was weird to experience it all over again and I am honestly sad to see it go. Even if it is a little...(insert word here), you know? It's strange...

  • Listening to: The dishes and noisy kids.
  • Reading: FoxTrot (An interesting nerdy/geeky comic strip)
  • Watching: My tongue shrivel up from lack of water
  • Playing: MC maybe later. Alone. :/
  • Eating: Tasty air
  • Drinking: One sec! *runs* *gulp* Surprisingly warm water.
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Submitted on
August 22, 2013