A Look Inside a Word: Friendship

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Let's take a look inside a word and find out what is heard.


The friend part isn't so hard to understand
The one that stands by you
No matter what challenge may be at hand

Now, this brings us to the matter of the ship.
To understand it fully, we'll have to take a trip
Over the cities and down to the docks
Where a newly launched vessel heads out to the sea
Saying goodbye to the dirt, and the rocks.

As they sail, let us take a look at the crew.
What's this? I see not one captain, but two!
They take turns at the wheel and they both do the work
Fulfill their duties and do not shirk.

From port to port
For days, o'er a week
They travel the globe in search of what they seek.

They seek not fame and fortune, nor treasure
Nor jewels and trinkets to bring them much pleasure

This is the thing that they seek:
Crewmates, no matter how big, and no matter how weak.

No one is a ruler, no one is a slave
Everyone is treated equal, and they all stay true and brave.

Then when the waves and tempests come
They're off to work! Not frozen, or struck dumb
If someone falls under a wave, dive in, post-haste! Go on and save!

The question is, right here for you
Are you a loyal member of the crew?
Are you truly doing all you can do?

Then get right up! Don't lay around!
Just do the work you need to do
There's a job waiting just for you!
Make sure your friend-ship's safe and sound.
Hello, people(and anything else) of the internet!

Here's a little poem I wrote one night, and I finished about a week ago. This is much more cheerful than my last poem, don't worry. :D

I think I may turn it into a series, let me know what you think!
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