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MetroSidebar Beta
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Published: September 26, 2013
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Download: metrosidebar.com
Facebook: facebook.com/metrosidebar

MetroSidebar is the new generation of Windows Sidebar.

The story started when microsoft decided to remove Windows Sidebar from its operating systems for some security issues, so i decided to create a new software to replace the Windows Sidebar, which is secured and takes advantage of the new Modern UI (Metro).

This is a beta version, so i need some testers, please contact me, contact@metrosidebar.com
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IamRahatulStudent General Artist
How to change the shortcut?
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Abubaker201Hobbyist General Artist
OMG!!! the last version looks absolutely awesome!!! I was wondering when will version 2 be released..? and BTW, Microsoft should defiantly hire you!!!
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MercuryXHobbyist Writer
Is anyone even using sidebars? I just found THIS one today, apparently its not in beta anymore according to the site. But back in the Vista days people at first liked the sidebar but after while we found out they were memory suckers, and we disabled them. And another company made a third party one of course. And of course Win7 had its gadgets....but does this metro sidebar take RAM at all to use? And if so how much? Would it lag a computer if 2 other things were running? Whats the boot time of a system that has this installed? Because my system lags already on 8.1....and I only got 3 things I use that boot at start up and are only anti virus and malware programs....lol
So lets say I get this....Does anyone even recommend it? Because honestly I use the charms to see what time it is on my system, I've had the system tray clock disabled for almost 2 years. I don't need weather since all I have to do is look out my window lol and I rarely play music.
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This sidebar is made for people who find it useful, there's a tile store included in this sidebar and it contains something you may like (facebook, gmail....), and it's true that the final version is released in the website.
I think you should give a try and if you don't like it just uninstall it.
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very nice work , looks amazing.
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Thank you! Here's how it looks the final version amine5a5.deviantart.com/art/Yo…
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Hi, this looks great but I'm having trouble installing it, I keep getting a lua error.. I'm not even sure if it's related to your sidebar or something from this end. If you know anything about this, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Please report this problem to contact@metrosidebar.com
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Wow this is beautiful, just one thing. I cant install it on my pc using windows 8.1. Is it compatible?
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It is compatible with win 8.1
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I noticed that it was there in my screen but really really far to the right and i couldnt see it completely just a little and only if lower the resolution. I wish i could use it because it looks beautiful and keep it up friend it a really great job your doing there. :D 
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Please contact: contact@metrosidebar.com to get the final version, for testing purposes only (the problem should be fixed)
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Alright thank you :)
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MercuryXHobbyist Writer
I like it...as long as it doesn't require a bunch of RAM usage like the vista one did
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Thank you, enjoy!
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Christhomas14Hobbyist Interface Designer
Some problems I've run into: 
- The only way to turn it off for me is to end the process in task manager.
- Pressing the Metro sidebar program in the start tab (Using windows 7) installs another windows sidebar, Resulting in 2.
- Uninstalling left all the files behind, Only deleted the .exe.
- Using the settings on the bottom right corner of the sidebar does nothing. Non of the settings do anything.
- Using msconfig to stop the startup program results in the sidebar installing itself again, Resulting in 2 sidebars (again)
- After having a data dump (AKA blue screen of death, Only did this for test purposes), The whole sidebar resets its data. (The old files are there, But it doesn't use them, And it returns to its original state. Meaning you have to delete the old files and start over.

Opinion: Even with all the problems, I loved the idea of this. If it got fixed, I wouldn't even mind paying for it.

Conclusion: Sadly, I'm uninstalling. I'm a big gaming fanatic, And this was causing alot of problems in fullscreen, And that I had to fix it over and over. But if you fixed this, I'd install it in a heart beat.
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Lol, what a lovely comment, THANK YOU!Love 
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I'm working hard on this project, it will be ready soon, btw just created a twitter account to share news about the updates.
Thank you!
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