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Download: [link]

Updated!! (added Russian & Portuguese) and fixed AM/PM problem.
After the hard work and a lot of testings and errors and updates, this time i present the Final version of Horloger which is more stronger and contains more languages to make it more useful
thanks to all who used the Beta version and a special thanks to those whom tested the final version

Take a look at the next version's screenshots on our facebook page : [link]
please donate some points to encourage this project : [link]
© 2011 - 2021 amine5a5
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still dead links . loved the app, now app gone


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Hello the link is dead. I managed to download the Beta using the Deviant Art link. Can you re-upload this release here on Deviant Art?
Is it free for businesses?
amine5a5's avatar
I don't understand the question
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couple  hrs i got tons of dead links?

First of all, I want to congratulate you for the great clock, I'm testing and is fine, but I wanted to ask you a favor, if it would be possible to make the numbers of the models shown with Skin 2d Horloger and Mini Horloger half of small in this way we could use this great watch, because the sizes you have now clogged important parts in the position i put it.

Best regards.
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Download link broken domain dose not exist.  please update your download link.
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Why make such a fuss for a clock gadget which is certainly no better than many gadgets I've seen on Wincustomize, Virtual Customs & XWidgets ??!!  In addition, your download links are broken !!! Bouh !! You sure don't deserve a DD & 288 comments !  Horloger is just good at pushing itself everywhere, that's all.
And when it comes to the DD, I don't know if those who choose the recipients  choose the most deserving artists or those who have made the most noise about their work and whose attitude is the most obnoxious !
The install contains default search provider changes and a number of other installs like some game. Nothing is free.
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does this work with Windows 8.1?
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Why just why do we need Admin rights to install the clock? I mean - it's a clock! Nothing more!
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Because it's a setup file, no matter what app you install, as long as you run a setup file you need admin rights.
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Google Chrome refused to download the installer, saying that it was malicious software. ?? I'm not sure what went wrong.
It was a flat and absolute refusal. I couldn't even get the file to download so that I could check it with my anti-virus software.
amine5a5's avatar
There is no problem with the installer and don't worry about it, Google Chrome sometimes detects it as a malicious software for an unknown reason, i think i'll do more researches about it.
At this time you can download it from another browser or a download manager.

Thank you for reporting this.
dongzhongshu's avatar
It must be something that is shared with the other clock installer, as I have mentioned in a later comment.
Perhaps that can narrow down your search.
I didn't think there was anything wrong with the installer :)
dongzhongshu's avatar
The other clock listed on the page I found them, HTC Home, is ALSO being flagged and Google Chrome refuses it. 
This looks like a Chrome problem, then.

The page I found both is:…
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Thank you it looks great!
amine5a5's avatar
You're welcome!
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muchas gracias, el mejor reloj gadget que eh probado
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does it work on XP 64?
bungala-wombat's avatar
I installed this on my Win 7 PC and the PC became prone to lockups and restarts. I uninstalled it and my PC has been behaving perfectly since then. Horloger has a problem.
bungala-wombat's avatar
This is a nice clock for my desktop. Good work. Will it be possible to change the colour?
amine5a5's avatar
well, there are some skins, but if you wanna change the main skin's color, you can modify it's images using some image editor.

By the way, just make a copy of one of the skins and put the folder inside the skins folder, and it will be detected automatically by Horloger.
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