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Horloger V1.0 Beta2

The final version is available here: [link]

thanks to all those who have used the first Version of Horloger ,so this is a new version of Horloger which i did some modifications on it to make it better and usefull for everyone
- available for x64 and x86 machines
- added Time Format(12 hours/24 hours)
- some modification in the code base to make it faster and better
- added languages:

- Added Skins:
- Mini Horloger(a small copy of the default skin)
- WP7 Horloger(Windows Phone7 style)

and more in the next version

Take a look at the next version's screenshots on our facebook page: [link]
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Very nice and use full tool. :-)
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Just pulled down the update and I must say it feels much more polished than the first version. I like the white font for the milliseconds and the H/M/S, shows up much better on my desktop. x64 bit version is working well, the permission error from the first version is gone.

Thanks again for such a great little app, I've had the old one running on my secondary display continuously.
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thank you ver mach
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amazing stuff . . . . this should be standard with win7 installation . . .
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hehe ,i like your comment...thank you
awesome :) would love to see a dutch translation
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Not work with me :( i'm on X64, installation ok but when start the log he doesn't apear
u know where to find gadgets with the same visual style of win7 ?
how to download and use ?
how to download and use ?
how to download and use ?
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muy bueno, excelente, pero segun lo podia poner en cualkier parte de mi pantalla, y solo acepta a la mitad de la pantalla, arriba, enmedio y abajo, pero lo kiero poner en la esquina superiro derecha y no puedo, como le hago????, gracias
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you can check the manual position
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thank you, very nice work!
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you'r welcome, enjoy!
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Hey, nice work. But is it possible to make date format customizable? i.e., I'd like Wednesday, 17 de March de 2011 (to translate it to Portuguese, as Quarta, 17 de Março de 2011).

And my CPU gets busy on Horloger. Maybe it's the miliseconds counting (even if invisible)?
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i will make Date formats in the version 1.0 final
and the problem of your CPU i didn't see any one had this problem but i'm sure it's not the miliseconds.
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