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Horloger V1.0 Beta1

The final version is available here: [link]

Horloger is an advanced clock for windows7 and windows Vista.
it contains skins wich are very easy to make another skin by yourself.
it also contains languages and we will add more to the next versions.
hope everybody liked it.

Take a look at the next version's screenshots on our facebook page: [link]

for any questions or helps (languages and skins) please contact us :
© 2011 - 2021 amine5a5
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Check which version of .Net Framework you have installed.

Download the Final version of Horloger [link]
Little help? Because i think i allready have net.framework
nice looking. essential.ravie
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It's... Beautiful...
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How do I download and open the file?
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the button on the right side of the preview image.
this the new version: [link]
do you have a version for xp?
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Yes, download the new version, it supports XP.
Nice work.

I would like the option of not showing the milliseconds -- I find them distracting.
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its there, just not particularly visible.

Go to program files\Amine Dries\Horloger\Skin\

Open the folder containing the skin you use and open the layout.ini file

you should then see a section similar to this

Font-Family=Segoe UI

just change visible to false and you're all set

Far out- I'm putting it on all 3 of my desktops-is there an Android version that includes the seconds as well ? [For my HTC Evo 4G] Thanks,amine5a5 ! [I had one of these clocks when I was young,Liked it then, LOVE it now-RETRO !][and I have spread it amongst all my Facebook friends]
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thank you very mach i'm developing it and i'm sure you'll like the next version.
fer any help we are here -_^
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Awesome Work Khoya !! Ghadi Njarab O Nrod 3lik
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ok i'm waiting for the answer
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